How to shave your beard for a stunning appearance

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facial hair and mustache trimming

Over the centuries, the significance of facial hair has evolved dramatically with different facial hair trends characterizing different eras.

Facial hair begins to develop once male hits puberty and will pretty much continue throughout his adult life. The appearance of facial hair in male is often indicative of maturity and will be accompanied by other forms of bodily changes such as deeper voice, larger muscles, a well-defined sexual organ and so on.

Historically, beards have always been known to be representative of strength and masculinity. Many other interesting virtues were attributed to beards and mustache such as knowledge, insight, and leadership.

This perception of the beard was pervasive in Europe during the eighteenth century and was reinforced by the many male professionals, experts, inventors, leaders, painters, philosophers and more whose facial appearances were marked by a prodigious beard and mustache.

In the wake of the twentieth century, having conspicuously large beards was still very much in vogue and came to represent intelligence and insight. Unfortunately, the industrial revolution and concomitant socio-economic ramifications such as urbanization, increased material wealth, population concentrations, the emergence of hybrid cultures and ideals did not augur well for conspicuously large beards and other forms of facial hair.

Soon, having prodigious facial hair was seen as crude and unpolished, and was met with social restrictions in certain quarters. By the 1970’s, it became a social norm for to have neatly cut facial hair with stylish forms and appearances.

The evolution of facial hair trends shows that having big bold and untamed facial hair was first perceived as ideal. A prodigious beard and mustache was the model of masculinity while having lesser facial hair and beards was seen as unattractive and unmanly.

However, this perception has changed dramatically with the reverse being widely obtainable. In recent times, beards and other facial hairs have to be clipped and maintained as this is viewed as sophistication and civility.

In many parts of the developed world, banking, military, politics and business is saturated with men who maintain very low styled beards and facial hair. The once admired prodigious facial hair which stood as an epitome of manliness could very easily mean uncultured, unsophisticated or even insane in contemporary society.

Thankfully, fashion trends do not just fade into obscurity forever. Fashion has a way of coming back after some time and this seems to be evident with the return of bold facial hairs and beards.

In today’s society many men wear bold beards and facial hair and this trend has been bolstered by Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

While bold facial hair is once again socially acceptable and admired, it comes with an interesting twist. Bold facial hairs are styled to fit the face of the person wearing it.

Padlock facial beard for example is cropped to form a style of beard that sits beautifully on men with elongated face.There are extensive beard, mustache and facial hair styles that are available to create different facial appearances and to suit different male faces.

Facial hair styles for men have become very dynamic and can be used to convey distinctive looks and appearances. In other cases, facial hair could be used to modify and conceal facial flaws of the face.

There was a time when beards were shaved off completely leaving just the mustache which would be clipped neatly for a striking appearance. The styled mustache only has a very interesting look as it gives a manly and well-ordered appearance at the same time.

While the “mustache only” originated from the medieval era where many Elizabethan monarchs displayed unbelievably flamboyant mustache, this style of facial hair reemerged in the 70’s and became representative of the modern man.

However, the mustache only appearance soon faded into obscurity and has failed to become a major trend in recent times.

Currently, the facial hair trend leans in favor of stylish clippings and trimmings. While your beard, mustache and other facial hair could be conspicuously large, moderate or almost invisible, the bottom line remains that cuttings, trimmings and styling has become the staple for facial hair.

While barbers are known to be specialists in this field, the challenge was hinged on how frequently most men would have to visit salons to maintain their beards and facial hair.

Facial hair grows very fast and would require visiting the salon nearly every two to three days. With a busy schedule and all of the obligations of modern living, taking a trip to the salon every three days would be rather stressful and unsustainable.

The introduction of electric beard trimmers made a world of difference as you could very easily shave and style your beards in the comfort of your home by yourself. While this is a great advantage, there are certain instructions that must be followed carefully for you to achieve desirable shaving results:

  • Always watch out for the irritability of your skin before deciding between blade or rake shavers. Also, you should determine which one of the two gives a lasting shave.
  • Do not use blades for too long as it could have damaging impact on your skin especially when it becomes blunt and pulls hair follicles causing bumps. Ideally, blades should be used five to six times and be discarded if very bushy beards grow.
  • ​Advisably, drenching the surface area of your face with water would help to prevent any form of skin reaction to the blade. It would also make having a whole lot convenient and expedient.
  • ​For individuals with greasy skin, it is advisable to use ointments to moderate skin texture in order to prevent skin reactions when shaving.
  • ​Soap and cream is a great way to prepare for shaving. It softens the skin and makes it easy to crop or style the beard.
  • As opposed to washing your face with some soap or apply cream before shaving, you could easily shave once you’ve had your bath.
  • ​You must position initial blade to align with the path in which your beards grow. The other blade should be positioned in the reverse path.
  • ​To lower the chances of cuts and bruises, you could hold your skin in place with one hand while you shave with the other.
  • ​When using an electric shaver, make sure your skin is not clammy.
  • ​Excessive force increases possibility of bruising your skin. Be systematic and gentle.
  • ​When you experience a skin reaction from shaving, it is best to avoid shaving for a while and wash your face regularly with some bathing soap.
  • ​Warm water has an undesirable effect on your beard skin especially after shave.
  • Shaving creams and ointments are fantastic. They make the skin loose and smell fresh.
  • ​Do not clean shaved facial hair by exerting pressure with a face cloth. Instead, you could pat gently.
  • Avoid applying perfumes directly to shaved skin as this could trigger a harsh skin reaction.

There are many before and after shave brands in the market that would make your facial skin look very pleasant while preventing it from the scorching sun and other potential skin reactions.

For lovers of the flamboyant beards and mustache, it would be great to maintain it periodically with shaves and cuts. You can achieve a dazzling facial appearance as there is an assortment of impressive facial hair cuts and styles to meet the shape of your face.

Regardless of your preference, it is imperative that you have a stunning facial appearance. Having an attractive face will boost your confidence while provoking attraction and admiration.

For men, facial hair is very crucial and could make or mar your overall appearance. You could look crude, threatening or even disgusting when you do not maintain your facial hair properly. The upkeep of your facial hair must not be trivialized as it affects how you are perceived.

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