Our Guide On How To Shave Your head Correctly – Men And Women

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How to shave headHave you ever considered shaving your head, if so, you may find our guide quite useful.

A shaved head is lot more comfortable, fresher and hygienic. It is supposed to give a masculine sexy look, although some people may not agree with that.

The decision is in your hands. However, you should think hard before taking this step because it is a radical change which will give you a different look.

If you decide to take the step, the following information about how to shave your head may be useful for you.

Head Shaving – Step #1

The first thing we have to do when we decide to shave our heads is to cut our hair as short as possible and for that we can use scissors and comb.

Once you have done that you can start shaving with a razor, taking one area of the head at a time. It is always best to shave against the hair growth. It may pull a little but don´t worry about that as long as you shave gently and keep your skull well lubricated. Keep checking with your hand that you are getting an even cut.

Do not try to rush, take a break if you want and more importantly enjoy the moment.

Remember that at this stage you are not trying to give you head a very close shave, all you are doing is to remove the hair and get as close as possible to the skull.

Once you have finished cutting your hair, take a shower and moisturize your head with warm (not hot) water and lather with some mild shampoo to remove any excess hair.

After drying apply a little moisturizer on your head and massage gently. That will repair any little damage done to the skin.

Keep in mind that the shaving process is quite aggressive, since the blades brush the scalp (which is very virgin)for the first time and if you are using a trimmer, it generates a lot of heat. That’s why it is recommended leaving the final close shave for the next day. So you have time for people to see you with your new look.

Head Shaving – Step #2

Assuming you are carrying out this step the next day, wash your hair (or what’s left of it) with a mildly aggressive shampoo with warm water and moisturize your scalp. Do not use hot water, because the skin will soften and wrinkle causing increased sensitivity. We want a smooth skin on which to slide the razor.

Get out of the shower and dry carefully. Make sure you have plenty of time to finish the next task. This is the first time you are going to shave your head and you need to take the process calmly.

The choice of lubricants is your own, but you have to keep in mind that the head has a surface much larger than the face and that the time it will take you in each area is much longer (at least for now as you are starting). It is recommended that you make more foam than usual, this will prevent the foam from drying out.

As for the razor, I recommend a disposable razor. Why? Because we are going to face completely different areas of shaving than we are accustomed to, and disposable razors tend to be more forgiving and are generally safe.

It is best to start training yourself with less aggressive razors and later jump to more traditional razors. I would also recommend that the razor should be of fixed head with two or maximum three blades.

The use of a pre-shaving oil is recommended. Some people apply it the night before and shave the next day by applying the soap on it.

Let the pre-shaving oil soften the hair a bit and lubricate the skin. Keep in mind that the hair on the head is harder than the facial hair and we need to soften it so the razor glides smoothly.

Once we have done all this and applied the foam, we move to the next step.

Head Shaving – Step #3

Take the razor of your choice and let’s get started.

If you are shaving head for the first time, I recommend shaving in favor of your hair growth. Do not repeat areas and do not pass the blade without foam.

This will give us hair reduction which will allow us to carry out successive passes with less irritation.

At first it will be difficult to reach everywhere and you will need a mirror to see these inaccessible areas. Gradually as you shave more you will find that there are no better eyes than the tips of your fingers.

Now start shaving for the second time passing the same areas, making sure that you have plenty of lather. You will have to find out the direction of your hair growth touching with your fingers. Once you finish this second pass, rinse your head with cold water and we are done….

Head Shaving – Step #4

Shaving Against the grain!

This step should be done the following day, prepare your head just like the day before and get started with true head shaving.

You can start anywhere but I would recommend starting from behind where you have the hardest hair.

You may find that it hurts a little but do not worry, your scalp is not used to it but soon it will be.

The best way is to keep feeling with your finger until you feel that the skin is smooth and no more shaving is needed. Bear in mind that the shaving on the neck is different from how you would shave your face. Usually we tend to close the angle of razor on the face but on the neck you will have to shave with an open angle.

Head Shaving – Step #5

The Final Touch Up

After finishing shaving against the grain, rinse your head with cold water and rub it like a ball, with both hands and in all directions.

It is likely that you may find some points which need touching up with the razor. Apply some foam with the brush, massage with the fingers and shave those patches against the grain.

Repeat the rinsing process and allow the skull to dry. Apply a few drops of oil or moisturizer of your choice, just make sure the product does not contain any alcohol.

Another important thing to remember is to moisturize with a sun protector even if there is no sun. You scalp has been protected for years with a thick lair of hair so the sun protection is highly recommended.

Many people who shave their heads for the first time, they do it close to going away on holidays so nobody knows them and it gives time to get used to the new look.

Frequency Of Shaving Head

It all depends on your own preference, some people shave daily and even twice a day sometimes if they are going out.
It also depends a lot on how fast your hair grows. There are also people who only need to shave couple of times a week.

I hope the above guide on head shaving will help you if you are a beginner or even if you have been shaving before.

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