Simple Steps To Take Care Of Your Shaving Brush

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shaving-brushShaving brushes can last you a long time with proper care and here we will talk about four simple steps to take care of your shaving brush in the best way.

This will not only give your brush a longer life but it will also maintain its quality to give you a fine lather and an enjoyable shaving experience.

It is often said that the hair of the quality shaving brush should be looked after the same way as we look after our own hair.

In order to maintain the shine of the hair and prevent hair loss, there are couple of things we can do and there are also couple of things that we must not do.

Let´s look at some of the do´s and don´ts of taking good care of your shaving brush.

Step # 1

The extremely hot water, is not an ally for the health of our shaving brushes. I am sure you would not wash your hair with very hot water either but why is that? The hot water opens the hair cuticles and leaves them exposed to become weak. Weak hair is prone to split and even fall very easily.

So, it is advisable to use warm water, and finish the washing process by rinsing with cold water. Of course, if you are not using a natural hair shaving brush, the end would not split but it will certainly lead to hair loss if you keep washing with hot water.

Step # 2

Do not apply excessive pressure while loading the brush to make rich lather. What normally occurs is that if you push hard in circular movement, it will twist the hair which can lead to breaking off the hair from the base. Some manufacturers recommend a back and forth movement instead of a circular one so that you can ensure a long life of your brush.

In addition, excessive pressure causes the brush to only use half its potential. You can see it by yourself, just try to push harder and you will see that bristles in the middle are taking the entire load and the external hair are barely used.

Step # 3

When you finish shaving, I recommend washing the brush with shampoo, massaging gently with your fingers and finally putting some hair conditioner. Leave the conditioner for a minute or so before rinsing it. As I said before, it´s just like looking after your own hair.

It is important to rinse all traces of shampoo, soap or cream. Leaving soap in the brush will produce dryness leading to hair falling.

You must remember to rinse the conditioner with cold water and rinse it well by repeating the process for a few times.

Step # 4

One of the most common practices is to leave the brush “standing” straight up over the sink. Ideally leave it upside down, hanging on a brush stand in order to drain out the remaining water. Some brushes come with a holder or you can easily get one at a very low cost.

I usually check the shaving brush at night before sleeping when it is completely dry and comb it gently to straighten any twisted hair.

Some of these brushes are very expensive and a good care is needed to protect your investment. It only requires few minutes a day to extend the life and quality of your shaving brush.

In conclusion, these were some of the basic requirements of looking after your brush. You can find a lot more information online to take care of your special shaving brushes whether you have a natural or synthetic shaving brush.

Even if you don’t have time to look after your brush well, do try to follow at least the above basic procedure.

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