How To Trim A Beard With A Trimmer

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While sporting facial hair can make a man look more masculine and even more sophisticated, it doesn’t take much for that beard or goatee to grow out of control, leaving you looking less than your best.

Learning how to trim and groom your beard with a trimmer to achieve the look you want takes time and a little practice but it is entirely achievable.

Here are some trimming and grooming tips that will help you have a beard that is the envy of all your friends.

There are really two separate pieces of equipment men use when trimming their beards. They either use a pair of scissors with a good safety razor or a trimmer to keep their beard under control. In this article, we will keep the discussion of beard grooming to the use of beard trimmers.

Beard trimmers are easy for beginners to use and lead themselves to better results as they often have variable length attachments that allow you to easily trim your beard to the length that you want.

Start by Washing and Drying your Beard

Before you trim your beard, you should always wash it and dry thoroughly. A clean beard is easier to trim and the finished result looks a whole lot better.

Once your beard has dried, then comb through it to ensure that all the hairs are lying flat and there are no hairs curled up and hidden. This process is particularly important for people with long full beards.

The Trimming Tools

If you don´t already have one, I would suggest you invest in a mid range beard trimmer. These devices are quite versatile these days and can be used for body grooming as well as giving yourself a quick hair cut.

For those who have never trimmed their beard before or if you are using a new trimmer, begin with the longest trimming length on the tool. You can always change to a shorter length so that you won´t risk over cutting your hair.

Trimming The Neck Area

I usually start by tidying up my neck area. If you have a preference of defining a neck line, you should take the guard off the trimmer and use the trimmer blade to define a border where your beard would start.

Keep in mind that if you go too close to the chin, it may appear like you have a double chin. Nothing to worry, even if you cut a bit too much, the hair in that area grows pretty fast and next time you can adjust to your desired position.

Move To The Side Of The Face

Now that you have the neck taken care of, go to the side of your face starting from your sideburns. Always trim the sides of your beard before trimming the chin area.

Before starting on the sides of your face, you should decide if you want to extend your beard covering the cheeks or if you prefer to keep a U shape beard style with shaven cheeks.

If your choice is to have shaven cheeks, now is the time to define a line. Whilst it´s easy to make a neck line with the trimmer, it´s not advisable to do the same on the cheeks.

You will find that the trimmer gets in the way and you can´t exactly see where to stop. In this case, I would suggest the use of a normal throw away safety razor also because the defining line is not always straight and it´s easier to manage the curves with a razor instead of a trimmer.

The beard always looks nicer when the hair on the sides are shorter than the chin area. I usually maintain a difference of 2 guard combs between my sides and the chin.

Use the trimmer vertically, trimming towards your jawline. If you are extending your beard on the cheeks too, you should trim the cheeks area with the trimmer, using the size of the comb you started with for the sides.

Once you are done trimming, comb out your beard again to make sure that there are no stray hairs that were missed and then shave the cheek area where you don’t want any facial hair to appear.

Change the guard to higher number, starting from about 1 inch above the chin area. Complete the trimming of the chin without touching your mustache, which we will get to next.

Grooming And Tidying The Mustache

You should be extra careful when it comes to trimming the mustache. Any small mistakes made on the beard can be easily camouflaged, but a slight extra pressure on the mustache can be difficult to rectify without letting it grow again.

First, comb your mustache vertically down towards the upper lip and cut the hair ends extending over your lip or you won´t hear the end of it from your wife or girl friend.

Use a higher guard comb to trim the mustache, especially because the mustache hair need to be a bit longer to be in a sleeping position. For most people the hair on the mustache tend to be thicker and if you cut it too short, they will stand outward vertically like thorns and again you won´t hear the end of it.

For me, it works best to use a small comb to change the direction of the hair horizontally, otherwise they will grow in a vertical direction which may not look so neat.

Finally applying a good quality mustache wax will hold your mustache in good shape.

Keeping that Well Groomed Beard

It is important that you invest in a good quality beard trimmer which will povide you various length adjustments.

Once you have properly trimmed and shaped your beard, keeping it well groomed and neatly trimmed is a simple matter of maintenance. Wash and comb your beard frequently and use a conditioner to keep it feeling and looking soft.

Maintain the unbearded areas of your face shaved daily for a more well groomed appearance and then trim the stray hairs around and in your beard once a week or whenever the need should arise.

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