7 Easy Steps To Trim Your Beard With Scissors Like A Professional

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If you are wondering how to trim your beard with scissors, let me tell you that it is actually very simple as long as you know how.

All you need to do is just follow some easy steps and get a bit of practice.

If you see some of the photos of men before the beard trimmers were invented, these guys had fantastic looking beards and so well groomed.

There was a lot more attention given to having a neat looking beard compared to now when for most people, rough rugged look appears to be the modern trend.

I have been trimming my beard with scissors on and off for many years and still there are days when for quick trims I just use the scissors. But for a more detailed and precise trimming I always use my favorite beard trimmer. After seeing people asking how to trim the beard with scissors, I decided to do a simple guide and here we go!

Before you do anything, make sure to wash your beard properly and dry it well. Trimming your beard while it´s wet can give you a much shorter length than desired. I normally use a hair dryer for this purpose because with the towel you can still be left with some wet hair depending on how thick your beard is.

You only need a beard comb with wider teeth and a good quality barber scissors. If you also need to do shaping and defining, you will need a throw away razor, too.

Comb your hair down in the direction of your hair. I would suggest a beard comb as the teeth are not sharp so you won´t scratch your skin. The normal head combs usually have much sharper teeth which is why they are not appropriate for beards.

Next is to comb upwards against the direction of the hair growth. So, your beard will look kind of fluffy. Most people don´t follow this step but it´s important to do that so that all the hair is loose and standing out, ready to be trimmed.

Now we will move on to the cutting part. Start from one side of your face, passing the comb gently through the hair at a slightly tilted angle and nipping off the hair that protrude out of the teeth of the comb.

You must be careful not to over cut the hair. Just cut the ends of the hair If you just want to give yourself a tidy look and not cut it very short. You must also make sure not to dig the comb too deep but keep the comb on the surface to ensure an even trim.

When you finish one side of the face, comb the beard again in the direction of the hair to see if you are happy with the length. If you need to cut it shorter, just repeat the process.

In the beginning and until you get a bit of practice, cut it in stages, taking off small amount of hair to avoid over cutting. Once you have done one side, move to the other side of the face and the chin area.

Under chin area is a bit more tricky but not difficult. Comb upwards and repeat the process as you have just done on the sides.

When you have finished with trimming, comb the beard well and check if there is still some hair standing out. I usually use my scissors to catch the odd hair sticking out.

Finally, wash your hair well to remove any cut hair ends stuck inside the beard to avoid having your pillow full of tiny bits of hair.

To give yourself a really well groomed look, apply few drops of beard oil or a simple mositurizer on your beard. The only thing left after that is to look in the mirror and enjoy the view.

If you are still unclear about any of the above steps on how to trim your beard with scissors, shoot me a message and I will be happy to answer you.

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