How To Use Shaving Cream And Why It Is Needed For Your Shaving

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Every time you shave, your skin undergoes a series of erosions that can cause irritation, scratches and cuts. After all, when you shave, you’re using a sharp blade so it´s only natural that you need some product to make the process softer and smoother.

Proraso Shaving Cream

It is the shaving cream that helps you to make this task easier and without irritation.

Here we will talk about what shaving cream is and how to use it so that your shaving becomes a more enjoyable activity for you and your skin.

We will also talk about how to avoid getting scratches and cuts during the shave.

Why Should You Use Shaving Cream?

The only way to have a great shaving experience is first to soften the hair and prepare the skin of the face for the successive passes of the razor blade.

For this, it is best to moisten the entire area and lubricate it so that the razor can perform smooth strokes without doing excessive damage and for this purpose you need a good quality shaving cream.

Shaving cream has very interesting uses before and after shaving. While it softens the beard, it also moisturizes and lubricates the skin so that the sharp blade slides more easily. In the post shave phase, the cream is useful to heal any cuts and avoid irritation.

How to Use Shaving Cream

Before opening your shaving cream, you must first prepare the brush. It is advisable that you wet the brush in hot water just before you go into the shower (avoid shaving, if you can, before taking a shower, as the steam in the shower helps softening the beard.)

If the brush is wet, it will be easier to make a good lather. But it does not have to be soaked, so if you find that the brush is dripping, you must remove the excess water.

You should now put a small amount of cream in the bowl and start rubbing with the brush in circular movements. At this point, add a few drops of hot water so that the foam develops into the desired texture.

If you continue the circular movement of the brush and gradually add a few more drops of water, in a few minutes you will have the perfect texture to start shaving.

Remember that the foam should be dense and consistent but you shouldn’t let it become too heavy. It is also important that there are no bubbles for a better application.

Once the cream has developed into the required foam, spread it over all the areas of the face that you want to shave. The foam should be applied on the face  using the brush in circular movements, which apart from softening the hair, it will also open the pores and prepare the skin.

Which are some Good Brands of Shaving Creams?

Unfortunately, there is no absolute answer to that, the best thing is to try several of them and find out which one you like the most.

For the beginners, it is advisable to start with creams that create foam with some ease although you should not forget that the materials from which the shaving brushes are made also influence the speed with which the foam is generated.

Here I would suggest some popular brands of shaving creams in the market these days and any of these would also be good for beginners.

Proraso: The Proraso shaving cream is ideal for sensitive skin since its composition provides a pleasant freshness, it tones the skin and protects it from the razor.

Omega: This Italian Omega cream provides an excellent preparation for shaving thanks to the ease with which the foam is generated. Also, its rich and creamy foam provides adequate hydration that facilitates a shave without irritation.

D.R. Harris: D.R.Harris brand is best suited for those who are new to shaving because it generates foam with great ease. This product, even used in the British royal house, is also very durable since a small amount of it can generate a lot of foam.

More and more men today choose classic shaving as opposed to the hurried shaving that was introduced in the eighties with disposable razors and packaged foam. Try it and I am sure you will enjoy the shaving a lot more instead of thinking of it like a daily chore.

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