Our Guide On How To Wash Your Beard

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1-Depositphotos_22284807_sIf you have a beard or thinking of growing one, the most important step in caring for your beard is to wash and maintain it clean.

It is not unusual to have small bits of food stuck in your beard or mustache during the day. If you are a smoker or visit places where others smoke, it´s all the more reason to give your beard a regular wash.

Cold weather can also dry your skin under the beard which leads to the common problem of having an itch, especially on the chin area.

Shampoos and conditioners for beards are specially formulated for this purpose. A normal hair shampoo is not advisable as it may contain certain harsh chemicals. You must remember that the skin on the face is a lot more sensitive than the scalp.

How Often Should You Wash Your Beard?

Same as less frequent washing, too frequesnt washing can also damage the natural oils in your beard hair.

I would suggest to wash the beard every other day and inbetween this period if you need to wash it, avoid using soaps and instead just wash with plain water only.

Having said that, we all have different and unique beards and you yourself are the best judge for deciding how frequent you need to wash your beard.

Method for washing the beard

You should apply beard wash generously throughout the beard, digging deep with your fingertips to reach the skin. This is important so that your skin is clean and well hydrated. Using your fingers, apply the product on the routes and shifting your hair in all directions.

People with new beards can scrub a little more aggressively as it will stimulate the follicles which will lead to better growth.

Finally, rinse with water moving your hair in all directions again to ensure there is no residue of washing product left in your beard.

As you can see, it´s not a rocket science but the impotant part is to give your beard a good bath reaching the routes and your skin.

Another thing to remember is the temperature of water used for both washing and rinsing.

Using very hot water can dry your skin which can give your problems in the proper development of the beard.

It is best to use warm water when you start to rinse the beard. Using warm water is much better than cold as it will also open the pores of your skin.

Continue using warm water to rinse the shampoo out of your beard. Once you have rinsed all the shampoo out, you can switch to cold in order to close the pores and give your beard the feeling of freshness and shine.

Drying The Beard

After washing the beard you need to dry it fully because if any water is left in the beard it can give you some irritation on the skin.

The best way is to pass a clean towel gently throughout the area. The drying process should be done gently because when the hair is wet, they tend to be more delicate.

I usually use a dryer at a mild heat level to dry my beard and while I am drying, I use a brush passing through my hair.

What Products Should You Use For Washing The Beard?

There is a number of products available online but you should read all the ingredients carefully so that they don´t contain any harmful ingredients.

I am always in favor of natural products and even better if they are also organic.
All these products come with clear instructions of how to apply but if you have any doubts, feel free to leave me a message and I will be happy to guide you.

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