Imperial Barber Products Classic Pomade Review

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Imperial Barber Products Classic Pomade is billed as the strongest water based pomade on the market today.

Imperial Barber Products Classic Pomade

Features of this pomade include:

  • Water based.
  • Comes in a large 6 ounce container.
  • Provides a medium to strong hold.
  • Water re-activated.
  • Low shine.


Water, Ceteareth-25, PEG 7, Glyceryl Cocoate, Propylene Glycol, PEG-7 Hydrogenated castor oil, Polysorbate 20, PEG-150, Pentaerythrityl, PEG 8, Dimethicone, PRVP, Nethylparaben, Imdazalidinyl, Urea, fragrance.

What Does Medium to Strong Hold Really Mean?

In the case of this Imperial Barber Pomade, the amount of hold you get when using it will depend both on the amount of product you put in your hair and just how damp your hair is when you use the pomade.

The drier your hair is, the stronger the hold will be once you style it. The wetter your hair, the less hold the pomade will give you.

However, it should be noted that this product is quite thick and gel like, making it a little harder to work through completely dry hair.

The nice thing about it is that once it is applied in your hair and your hair has dried, you can still restyle simply by dampening your comb and running it through your hair to loosen the grip of pomade enough to accomplish restyling. It will then once again dry and hold your hair very well.

What the User Reviews Say

Reviews for Imperial Barber Products Classic Pomade are extremely positive with many users stating that this is the best holding pomade they have found. However, not everyone agrees that it holds their hair the way they would like.

Few users felt it does not hold well (possibly because their hair was too wet when they applied the pomade) and others thought it may hold a bit too much, making their hair stiff.

Nevertheless, these complaints were in the minority with most users saying they received the following benefits from using this product.

Easy to apply: It goes into the hair easily, making it very convenient to style. This is important for men who want to hold their hair style in place, but at the same time don’t want to spend a great deal of time getting that hair style just right.

Flexible for Different styling Needs: Men who like to change their hairstyles think that this product has a lot of flexibility for meeting different hair styling needs. They can use a little or a lot and apply to wet or slightly damp hair to get the amount of hold they need.

Holds All Day: Most users say that once they find the right amount of product to use with the right amount of dampness in their hair, this pomade will hold their style all day even in some difficult weather conditions.

Doesn’t Flake: Men who have used other pomades which flake out of their hair once it dries really appreciate that this particular one doesn’t flake during the course of the day.

Easy to wash Out: They also like the fact that it is easy to wash out of their hair with a simple shampoo.

User Observations and Advice

Some of the people who have used this product have offered some observations and advice that may help potential customers decide if this pomade is right for them.

Several of them have stated that it works better on people with fairly straight hair than those who have curly hair.

Also, users do support that to get the right hold using this pomade, you need to experiment with the dampness of your hair and various amounts of the product in order to see what combination works best for you.

In conclusion,  it seems that the Imperial Barber Products Classic Pomade is the ideal pomade to give most men the right hold for their specific hair style.

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