Important Nutrients For Healthy Hair

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Vitamins for hair

Our hair is the first a part of our body that the effects of a poor in nutrients diet can show up rapidly. The solution can be easier than what you might think.

A rich in important nutrients for healthy hair diet can be all that you need to make dull hair shine and add volume, strength and body to it.

A bad diet can also affect negatively your hair growth, leading to hair loss and breakage.

So, having in mind that a balanced diet is vital for yourhair’s health, let’s have a look at the most significant nutrients the body needs to be able to protect the beauty and health of the hair and prevent any hair problems.


Proteins are the basis for healthy hair. Taking into consideration that 80% of each hair is made of proteins, 10-15% of water and 5-10% of lipids, melanin and traces of mineral elements, we can understand why the lack of these structural elements in our body negatively affects the health and growth of our hair.

Why are Proteins important for the hair?

80 % of healthy hair consists of hairs that are going through the development stage which lasts between two to three years. During this phase, hair grows one centimetre per month.

Then, the hairs go through the transitional phase that lasts for about three weeks after which they eventually fall.When our diet lacks in proteins, then the number of hairs that enter the transitional phase is bigger than normal, and this leads to the increase of normal hair loss.

Iron and Minerals

Iron and minerals such as selenium, copper and zinc are also included in the list of those important for the hair heath nutrients.

When there is not enough of them in our body, then the production of Keratin, basic hair protein, stops or reduces. In consequence, the hair becomes fragile, breaks or even falls, and the new hairs that grow are not so strong.

Animal derived proteins such as the ones we take through red meat, chicken, fish, eggs and turkey consumption are valuable sources of iron. Also, spinach, lentils, soy beans and pumpkin seeds.

The difference is that only 3.5% of the iron that is contained in the plant derived foods gets absorbed by our organism whereas the percentage goes up to 30 in animal derived foods.

The solution here lies in the right combination of ingredients. For example, Vitamin C, B-Complex Vitamins as well as lycopene, which is a very beneficial antioxidant ingredient, are very effective in absorbing iron at a high percentage.

So, if you are eating legumes, you can accompany this dish with a nice tomato salad that contains pepper and finish off with a citrus fruit or a kiwi.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 plays a key role in the formation of the red blood cells which in turn carry oxygen to the lungs and human body tissues, and therefore to the hair.

When the human organism doesn’t have enough Vitamin B12, then the hair becomes dull, fragile and weak.

Therefore, it is important to enhance your daily diet plan with dairy products, eggs and fish.You can read more about the role of vitamins for healthy hair.

Are Weight Loss Diets Bad for Hair?

Diets that are not balanced as to the quantity and variety of different nutrients that our body needs in order to function properly are sure going to have a negative effect to the health of our hair.

Diets that involve the lowest consumption of calories possible can also lead to thinning, weak and easy to break hair.Nevertheless, as soon as you follow a balanced diet, the hair can become bright and strong again.

Hair growth vitamin supplements and hair growth products including hair growth shampoos or hair thickening shampoos can also help during this transitional period that you are trying to get your hair back to its healthy state.

In conclusion, diet is one of the most important factors to have strong and pretty hair, and therefore you have to be mindful of the types and quantity of foods our body needs in order to benefit from all those significant for the hair health nutrients.

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