Is It Better To Comb or Brush Your Beard?

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Comb or brush your beard

The question that is often asked is whether it is better to comb or brush the beard. The answer depends on the type of beard you have and what you want your facial hair to look like.

The truth is that each method gives different results and it also depends on which phase of growing your beard you are in. If you are just starting out growing your beard, then your fingers are your best ally in these early stages, so you don’t need either to comb or to brush.

But what happens when the beard begins to grow and starts looking dense, let's talk a little about what your options are:

When your facial hair begins to misbehave, add a comb to your bearded kit. The idea of using a comb is to have it always on hand to train your facial hair and redirect those crazy hairs that do not know where to go, so the comb will help you to direct your hair in a more uniform way.

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    Plastic combs do a fine job, just make sure you use a beard comb and not a hair comb because the teeth of the hair combs tend to be a little sharp which may hurt or scratch the skin under your beard. You can also use your beard comb as a guide to mark the line of your cheeks, stretch the hair before cutting it but try to carry it in your pocket so you can comb several times a day. If your beard growth is thick and curly, you should not get a very flexible comb. If it is too flexible, the hair will start tangling into the comb.
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    Wooden combs are for untangling medium to long beards and are much less cruel with your beard especially if you have very curly or dense facial hair. Do you know what I also like about the wood comb? You use it to apply your beard oils or products in the morning and as the wood retains some of the oil, you can continue combing and distributing oil through your beard throughout the day.
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    There are also stainless steel or aluminum combs but to be honest, I would not recommend a metal comb unless you have a mustache competition or have an incredibly dense beard that breaks all the combs. You do not really need a metal comb because it can scratch the skin and damage your facial hair.

Using a Beard Brush

Basically because the facial hair is thicker than the hair of the head, it needs a different care. As soon as you use a beard brush, you will notice that it has a little different characteristics than hair brushes.

For example, the length of the bristles of a beard brush will allow you to reach the hair at all levels of your beard, resulting in a much more effective brushing.

The main advantage of using a beard brush with boar bristles is that the boar bristles trap in oil which will help you spread evenly through your beard. When we are talking about oil, we mean two kinds of oil, on one hand the natural oil (sebum) that is produced by your own skin and on the other hand the oil of the products that you are using to take care of your beard.

In addition, a beard brush will help you train the hair follicles so that facial hair grows in a uniform direction.

What is the best time to brush my beard?

In general terms, the best time to brush your beard is after the shower, but the daily care of your beard should be something like this:

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    Wash your beard in the shower.
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    Remove excess moisture with a towel and let it dry for a few minutes.
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    Then, apply your beard oil to nourish and moisturize the beard and the skin beneath it. Be sure to use natural oils with top quality ingredients that gives your skin the nutrients it loses throughout the day. Applying the oil gives a natural and healthy appearance to your beard, making it shiny and preventing frizz.
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    After applying the oil, it is time to brush your beard with a specific beard brush. This will help you evenly spread the oil all over the beard in addition to shaping it. We recommend brushing once a day. Over brushing can damage your facial hair even if you use the best quality products.

How to apply beard oil with a brush

We recommend that you always apply the beard oil using your fingers. This way you will reach the skin and moisturize the hair follicles in depth. But if you want, you can try applying it with the brush. Here’s how to do it:

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    Hold the brush in the palm of your hand with the bristles up and put a few drops of beard oil on the bristles.
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    Beginning with the sideburns, brush your beard from top to bottom without forgetting your mustache. Give gentle strokes and make sure you evenly distribute the oil. Brush your beard thoroughly to make sure the oil is evenly distributed and to give the shape you want it to hold.
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    If you notice that your beard is very dry, it is preferable that you only use a few drops in the first pass, and once you have brushed your beard to the full and you need to, you can make a second pass with a little more oil.

Finally, is beard combing or beard brushing better for facial hair?

The answer to this final question is that it depends!I would say that everyone needs to find what suits them best butmy honest suggestion would be to try both.

They are not expensive and in order to have that perfectly groomed look, it is worth making a small investment and try out for yourself which suits you best.

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