Is It Important To Use A Hair Conditioner?

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Is It Important To Use A Hair Conditioner?Are you wondering whether hair conditioner is important for your hair?

It is a fact that hair conditioners have many benefits for your hair and scalp, such as maintaining hair hydrated and healthy, full of strength and glossy look, preventing hair breakage.

They also help in brushing and styling.

Due to extreme weather conditions, age, stress, bad eating habits, sun exposure or even air pollution, your hair starts losing much-needed hair properties.

Also, by using inappropriate or poor quality shampoos and other hair products, the hair may lose their healthy look and become dry.

The hair conditioner acts on the hair and scalp the same way a body lotion or cream acts on the skin.

So, in cases that the hair needs extra moisture, repair and nourishment, a conditioner or a deep conditioner will help it become hydrated, more elastic, soft and shiny looking. It is also very useful for detangling and makes your hair more manageable.

Especially if you have long or thick curly hair, a hair conditioner is an essential product that you should use in each wash after shampoo.

Still, if you have thin short hair, you have to be careful with the amount and type of conditioner you are using because this type of product can feel a bit heavy on thin hair and make it lose its volume. It also depends on the way you apply the conditioner on short hair.

Why Use A Hair Conditioner

Here is an important difference between the shampoo and the conditioner. The shampoo is used to remove the sebum, dead cells and dirt, and therefore clean the hair and scalp.

Shampoos Can Cause Inflammation

But sometimes the shampoo can produce a slight inflammation of the cuticles. Cuticles usually cover the hair shafts, so the hair becomes more delicate with the changes in temperature and environmental damage.

So, it is important to use a hair conditioner to correct such conditions.

The conditioner is composed of a creamy paste that contains lipids and proteins. It forms a layer on your scalp and protects cuticles.

Using a proper conditioner will also compensate for the lack of natural sebum in your scalp, reducing inflammation and strengthening hair.

Ideally, women and men with long hair should use a hair conditioner every time they wash their hair depending on their hair type and condition.

Men Using Conditioners

Men who have short hair might find that a conditioner can make their hair feel heavy or oily, so they better avoid using a hair conditioner if there is not a need for it, but instead use a good quality nourishing shampoo or a conditioner only at times when they feel that their hair needs a bit of extra nourishment.

Also, keep in mind that using a good conditioner does not replace the need of also using a deep conditioning moisturizing mask.

How To Use Your Hair Conditioner Correctly

You should wash your hair as usual with your regular shampoo and rinse thoroughly without leaving any traces of shampoo.

After this, apply a small quantity of conditioner in your hand and spread it well, separating the hair with your fingers and massaging gently.

If you have short hair, you will only need to apply it on the ends, and if your hair is long, apply from the ends to the middle of the hair, without getting to the roots.

You can also take advantage of this process to turn it into a relaxing procedure by massaging the product on your scalp with some circular movements.

Read the instructions of the conditioner to be fully aware of how long you should keep it on your hair.

Finally, rinse it off with some warm water if you can’t stand cold water and this will give a nice fresh feeling to your scalp. Always avoid hot water.

In conclusion, using a hair conditioner is important for your hair looking moisturized, shinier and more vibrant but it all depends on choosing a good quality product that will be perfect for your hair type and condition.

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