Is Ketoconazole Shampoo Good For Hair Loss?

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Ketoconazole Shampoo For Hair LossKetoconazole is a medication that is often used to fight fungal and yeast infections. It is often used as a medication for ringworm, athlete’s foot and Seborrheic Dermatitis.

However, there is also evidence that Ketoconazole shampoo may also be good for hair loss. Ketoconazole shampoo may reduce sebum reduction. Sebum or excess oil on the scalp may clog the hair follicles loosening the roots of the hair resulting in hair loss.

Ketoconazole may also work as an anti-inflammatory and there is some evidence that it also acts as an anti-androgenic blocking DHT, which is a leading cause of hair loss.
While there need to be more studies conducted, early studies do suggest that Ketoconazole shampoo may help prevent hair loss and may even help to regrow lost hair.

How To Use Ketoconazole Shampoo For Hair Loss

Ketoconazole shampoo comes in two different strengths. The 1% formula is sold over the counter and can be found in shampoos like Nizoral. There is also a 2% formula that can only be gotten by prescription.

The stronger version of this shampoo is normally only prescribed for use in the treatment of fungal and yeast infections while the 1% formula is also used to help treat hair loss.

To use Ketoconazole shampoo for hair loss you need to use the shampoo as directed on the label. Dampen hair, apply the shampoo throughout the hair and then let it sit for two or three minutes before rinsing.

It should be noted that while this shampoo does not work for everyone, if it is working for you, then you need to keep using it to continue preventing hair loss or to thicken your hair.

How Long Does It Take Ketoconazole To Work?

Most people who are suffering from hair loss want a quick solution to prevent them from losing any more hair or for re-growing their hair.

However, preventing hair loss and re-growing hair is going to be different for everyone. It also may depend on the reason you are losing hair. If your hair loss is due to an unhealthy scalp and an excess of sebum, then you may begin to see results from that Ketoconazole shampoo within a few uses.

Other people may not see results for weeks or months, or still others may not see any results from using ketoconazole shampoo at all.

Faster results may be seen if you combine using that Ketoconazole shampoo with proper nutrition since having proper nutrition will help your hair to grow.

The truth is that while Ketoconazole shampoo may help prevent hair loss, and may in some instances help with hair growth, no one ingredient is likely to lead to the type of results you may be looking for.

There is also no evidence that using 2% Ketoconazole will have any more benefits for hair growth than 1% ketoconazole shampoo does.

Are There Any Studies Showing That Ketoconazole Shampoo Actually Prevents Hair Loss?

There have been a few studies done on Ketoconazole shampoo and hair loss, and while these studies do suggest that this shampoo may be effective in preventing hair loss and helping hair to grow faster, more studies need to be done.

In the meantime, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that Ketoconazole does prevent hair loss in some people and therefore may be worth trying if you are suffering from hair loss.

Possible Side Effects Of Ketoconazole Shampoo

While the majority of people experience no side effects of using ketoconazole shampoo, there are some side effects that do occur in some people.

The most frequent side effect is that Ketoconazole shampoo may result in some mild irritation and stinging. As with other shampoos, you may have an allergic reaction to either the ketoconazole or other ingredients in the shampoo.

Other side effects that have been noted include abnormal hair texture, discoloration, and bumps on scalp.

Because all of the side effects of using Ketoconazole shampoo may not be known, it is recommended that you check with your doctor before using ketoconazole shampoo and that this shampoo should never be used by pregnant women.

In conclusion, while there is no concrete proof that Ketoconazole shampoo will prevent hair loss or regrow hair, there is evidence that it may help and is therefore worth trying if you are experiencing loss of hair and want to do something about it.

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