Leven Rose Beard Oil and Conditioner Review

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Beard Oil is designed to help men who have beards keep them under control, looking and feeling good.


Leven Rose Beard Oil and Conditioner is a high quality beard oil and conditioner that will leave your beard healthier and more easy to control.

Features of Leven Rose beard oil

  • Moisturizes the beard hair.
  • Absorbs quickly into your beard.
  • Contains no fragrance.
  • Handy dropper to help you control the amount of oil for each use.

The application of the oil is very simple. Put a couple of drops using the dropper into your palm, rub the oil in your hands and apply it to your beard. In the beginning, if your beard hair is very dry, you may need some extra few drops.

It comes in a 30ml bottle and it can last you 4 months even if you apply daily.

I always apply upwards starting from the chin. This will make sure that you are not just applying oil to the surface of your beard.

It depends on your personal preference but I apply my beard oil just after the shower after towel drying my beard.


It is made from 100% pure organic cold pressed unrefined golden jojoba oil and cold pressed Moroccan Argan oil.

This fragrance free oil should be ideal for those men who don’t want a scented beard oil that will clash with the scent of their shampoo or aftershave lotion.

What Do the Customers Say

Reviews and ratings for the Leven Rose Beard Oil and Conditioner are extremely good with almost every consumer who tried this oil really liking what it does for their beard and underlying skin.

Here are some of the benefits that users find when they use this oil.

Relieves Itchy Skin: Men who tend to have the skin under their beard growth dry and often suffer from itchy skin and even what is called beard dandruff find this oil relieving.

Leven Rose beard oil soaks into the beard hairs and conditions the skin under the beard relieving the itch and helping the skin to heal and retain moisture thus preventing the itch and flaking often associated with heavier beards.

Makes Beards Easier To Manage: This beard oil not only treats itchy skin, it actually makes your beard itself easier to manage. It also softens those wiry beard hairs, making them softer to the touch and helping you to keep those wild straying beard hairs in place.

Not only does your beard feel softer to you, but to those who get close to your beard as well.

Great Customer Service: Customers find that the Leven Rose company itself is concerned with the people who purchase their products and are happy to answer any questions a user may have as well as being quick to address any concerns.

The Great customer service this company offers makes users even more impressed with the beard oil itself.

While Leven Rose beard oil may not be the most recognizable beard oil on the market, it is arguably one of the best beard oils money can buy.

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