Maintaining that Stubble Beard Look

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Stubble style

Have you ever noticed that some men with stubble look really good, and from a woman’s point of view sexy, while other men’s stubble simply makes them look messy ?

The difference in how that stubble makes a man look is all in how they groom and maintain it.

Here are a few things you should know that may help you achieve that perfect stubble style and look.

Is Stubble a Beard ?

While some people may argue otherwise, stubble is a beard like any other beard. If it is facial hair and not a mustache or sideburns, then it’s a beard.

And like any other beard, it takes a little thought and work to maintain that stubble beard look, so it looks natural but not unkempt.

Why you can’t just grow your Stubble for a day or two and call it good

Since hair grows naturally on a man’s face, it seems like the only thing you really need to do is to grow your facial hair for a day or two or even three and call it good, right? You couldn’t be more wrong!

Unfortunately, no one’s hair grows evenly all over their face. Therefore, unless you style that stubble in some way, you are bound to have patches where the stubble is thicker, giving you less of a sexy look and more of a grizzled look.

The best length for Stubble

Maintaining the perfect stubble style is going to depend on knowing what the best length stubble for your face is. In most cases, stubble of 3 to 5 mm works best. Any longer, and you have a baby full beard while a much shorter simply looks like your shaver doesn’t cut close enough.

Some Stubble beard tips to Help you look good

  • Try to keep the majority of stubble near the bottom third of your face. You really want to keep the upper cheeks clean shaven because it presents a neater look and it makes your stubble look more rakish and less freakish. In my stubble days I was using Feather Razor for outlining which gave a soft shave and not too aggressive.
  • Use a trimmer with the right length setting. While there are other options for trimming stubble, choosing a trimmer that has the right length setting for the length of stubble you are looking to maintain will make it easier for you to maintain your perfectly well groomed stubble look.
  • One pass may not be enough. While overall a good trimmer will maintain most of your stubble with a single pass, thicker areas may need more than one pass to even out the amount of stubble and give you that polished look.
  • Keep the neckline clean and neat. In the majority of cases, the stubble look is best if the stubble only goes half way under your chin or to the inside of the underneath of your chin. Keep the neck itself shaved with a safety razor and bare as a baby’s bottom in order to maintain the best looking stubble possible.
  • Keep that stubble clean. Wash your stubble each and every time you wash your face, that way you will keep it looking clean and remove any sweat that may linger in those short whiskers. If you use a skin moisturizer on your face, then go ahead and use it on the stubble as well. It will keep those whiskers soft and less prickly feeling for you and anyone who happens to get close to you.

Not surprisingly, maintaining a stubble beard look can take a bit more work than maintaining a full beard. However, if your face is the style of face that looks great with stubble, then all the effort is going to be worth it in the long run.

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