ManGroomer Ultimate Pro Body Groomer and Trimmer With Power Burst

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The ManGroomer company was founded in 2006 to provide innovative solutions for men’s grooming.

The Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Body groomer and trimmer is just one of this company’s innovative products that help men to look good and well groomed.

Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Body groomer and trimmer

Features of this trimmer include:

  • Shaves and trims all areas of the body.
  • Power burst feature cuts through extra thick and coarse hair.
  • Double sided trimmer with foil blade cuts both long and short hair.
  • Flex neck follows you body’s contours.
  • 7 length settings trim as close as 1/16th inch.
  • Wet/dry use.

All Over Grooming

The Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Body groomer and trimmer is designed for all over grooming. This trimmer will groom your beard, head, chest, underarms, back, legs and those more sensitive areas to keep you looking well groomed and reduce odor caused by sweat clinging to the body hair.

Cutting Quality

This grooming tool is designed to trim different parts of your body at different lengths. The trimmer has plenty of power to cut through coarser or thicker hair, and has plenty of power both on regular trim and when using the power burst.

The flex neck follows the body contours, making it simpler to get a close shave. While some users find that this trimmer can pull hair, this seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

Height Adjustments

The Mangroomer Ultimate Pro body comes with 7 adjustable height settings so you can choose the right length of trim for you. The lowest height setting is 1/16th of an inch which is perfect for most parts of the body where you need an exceptionally close trim.

Battery and Charging Time

This product uses a NiCad battery and takes only about an hour to charge. However, it should be noted that NiCad batteries are subject to battery effect, so you need to make sure that your trimmer is almost fully discharged prior to recharging or you could shorten the life of your battery and the trimmer itself.

What the Reviews Have to Say

Reviews and ratings for the ManGroomer Ultimate Pro Body Groomer are about average. Users seem to be divided on whether or not this trimmer lives up to its claims with some believing that it meets all of their needs and others not being fully satisfied with it.

Here is a synopsis of what users have to say about it:

Close Shave: While more than ½ the users state that this trimmers gives them a close shave, others think that it does not do so with a couple of customers saying that it pulls hair.

Versatile: Several people find this tool to be extremely versatile and like the fact that it is ideal for both wet and dry use, and that they can choose between height adjustments. Most men do agree that this trimmer offers versatility.

Charging of the battery: While some users feel that the battery charges well and once charged, the charge lasts for a good period of time, others find that the battery doesn’t hold a charge for as long as they would like.

This could be due to some consumers overcharging the battery or charging it too soon.

Overall, 2/3 of the people who purchased this product are satisfied with the way it performs. However, for the remaining who were not so impressed, there may be a better trimmer out there.

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