Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Body Groomer Review

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While many men enjoy a full head of hair and love to sport that facial fur as well, there are just some places where excess hair proves to be a problem and in some cases an embarrassment.

Many men struggle with back hair feeling as though they are constantly wearing a fur. However, most men find that removing it can be either expensive or difficult.

Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Body Groomer

The Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Body Groomer and Trimmer with power burst promises to make removing that back hair a simple and easy process.

Features of the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro

  • Allows you to reach all areas of your back.
  • Power burst button shaves through extra thick and coarse hair.
  • 2 Interchangeable attachment shaving heads. 1.8” Ultra wide groomer and bi directional head for regular maintenance.
  • Flex necks on attachments follows the body contours.
  • Handle locks into place at the length and angle you choose.
  • Quick charge battery.
  • Charge light indicator.

The Mangroomer Ultimate Pro back shaver will save you tons of money and pain because you won’t need to wax or have laser removal to rid your back hair.

Neither will you have to ask for assistance in shaving it as the long power hinged arm allows you to reach your entire back with this one simple gadget.

Choice of Attachments

This grooming tool comes with two attachments.

One of the attachments is 1.8 inch wide blade which will remove hair from large parts very quickly and the other attachment is a foil bi-directional head that will give you a smooth shave.

The shock absorbing function of the head will shave you close, following the contours of your back with ease.

It also has stainless steel hypoallergenic blades able to provide you with both a smooth and non irritating shave.

Easy To Reach Difficult Areas

Ultimate Pro back has been designed such that you won´t be dependent on anyone to help you shave your back. It will easily reach even the most difficult areas like your lower back.

You can extend the length and lock it in a postion so it will stay fixed for you to conveniently shave the area. The rubberized grip makes it easy to control the movement in any position.

When you have finished shaving, it can be locked in the folding position for convenient storing or traveling.

Power boost button

Not to worry if you have extra thick and coarse hair. Mangroomer comes with an extra power boost button. All you need to do is to hit this button when you shave such areas and it will glide through any thick hair on your back.

What´s in The Box

  • Ultimate Pro back shaver
  • Foil body groomer bi-directional attachment head
  • Recharging power adapter
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instruction manual

What the Reviews Say

Most people who purchased this Mangroomer really like it and find that it meets their needs exceptionally well. Features that users absolutely enjoy include:

Solidly made: It is solidly made, making it possible to use this back groomer for many years with proper care.

Light Weight: This back shaver is lightweight which makes it easy to use while reducing the chances of your arm tiring while shaving that thick back hair.

Two heads: Users love the two interchangeable heads. One to cut through that thicker growth and the other to shave close to the skin, leaving a smooth shave.

If you are looking for a way to remove that back fur without breaking the back or your arm, then the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro back shaver could be just the grooming tool that you have been looking for.

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