Merkur HD 34C Classic Double Edge Razor Review

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This review is all about Merkur HD 34C Classic Double Edge Safety Razor, one of the razors designed and manufactured by Merkur company.

Merkur HD 34C, Chrome Plated

Any company that has been manufacturing razors since 1896 should know a thing or two about designing and manufacturing high quality double edge shaving tools.

The Merkur Razor Company began over a hundred years ago in Germany and is still one of the premiere razor companies today.

Through wars, world wide recessions and changing lifestyles, this company has continued to manufacture popular and well made razors to meet the needs of the average or not so average man.

Why to Go for a Merkur DE Shaving Experience?

For many years, wet shaving with double edge razors was considered out of style and very old fashioned. However, there were a few dedicated individuals who remained loyal to the wet shaving experience and the Merkur razors in particular.

Now, it seems that history is repeating itself with more and more men returning to double edge razors and the wet shaving experience.

While the move of returning to DE shaving is largely based on financial considerations (DE razor shaving is cheap when compared to electric razors and those cartridge razors) or simply because men are looking for a closer shave and a more satisfactory shaving experience, their reasons for choosing MerkurHD 34C Classic Double Edged Razor is based entirely on its features.

Product Features

How the Razor Looks: Designed to look like those more expensive stainless steel razors that sell for four or five times the price of the Merkur 34C, this razor is made of chrome plated zinc.

The finish is so well done that even after years of use, it may not show any signs of pitting or peeling and retain its polished look year after year.

The Textured Handle: It comes with a nicely textured handle that helps you keep a grip on this razor even when your hands are wet. A better grip means better control and a safer and more comfortable shave.

The Weight: The weight and balance of any DE razor is important to maintaining the control you need to get a close and comfortable shave.

This Merkur heavy duty razor is specifically designed to feel substantial in your hand and the weight is nicely balanced so that you let it simply glide across your skin without additional pressure from you.

Fixed Safety Bar: The fixed safety bar makes this product an excellent choice for those men just starting to DE shave. While no DE razor will protect you from all nicks and cuts if you use the wrong shaving technique, having this safety bar makes those nicks and cuts a little less likely for those learning how to shave with a DE razor.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Merkur 34C

Like all products on the market, this razor has both advantages and disadvantages, and knowing what these pros and cons are will help you decide if this shaving tool is the right for you.


There are several advantages that users find using it. They like the textured handle that gives them a good grip from the beginning to the end of the handle.

They also find that they can get a close shave with less razor burn and fewer razor bumps, and love the fact that this razor lasts for years making it an excellent value.


The main disadvantage is that the handle may be a bit short for some men, especially those with larger hands.

In addition, all DE shaving does take a bit of a learning curve before you can master a close shave.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a high quality reasonably priced razor, then the MerkurHD 34C Classic Double Edge Safety Razor is a great choice both for the beginner and the more experienced DE shaver user.

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