Natural Man Beard Oil With Bay Lime Review

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For men looking for a great beard oil that can also soften the skin of their elbows and those tough cuticles, Natural Man Beard Oil by Botanical Skin Works may be worth considering.

This beard oil is a good choice for the budget conscious man, as you get four ounces of beard oil for about the same price that you pay for one or two ounces of most other beard oils.

Since a little of this Natural Man beard oil seems to go a long way in softening and helping you to manage your beard and mustache, it just may prove to be an excellent value.

Natural Man beard oil


• Comes in 4 ounce bottle (twice as much as most other brands)
• Designed for beards and skin
• All natural ingredients (alcohol free)
• Works on beards, cuticles, elbows, and hands


Natural man beard oil contains all natural and organic ingredients and is free of parabens and synthetic petroleum. These ingredients include: Sesame seed oil, Jojoba seed oil, Vitamin E, West Indian Bay, Lime, Rosemary and Australian Sandalwood essential oils.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews are quite positive. Most users were quite satisfied and felt that this product had a lot of benefits.

These benefits included:

Softened Beard: Depending on how coarse and dry or wiry the users’ beard was, this oil did take a few uses to really start softening and conditioning the beard. However, once it did begin conditioning the beard, men noticed a huge difference.

Tames Stray Hairs: Although this beard oil did not make it possible for men to actually sculpt their beards, it did help to tame those stray hairs, leaving the beard looking more tidy and making it easier to control.

Itch Reduction: Most men who tried this oil really appreciated the fact that it reduced and even prevented that beard itch which is often a problem when growing facial hair. Other users also found it helped to prevent split hairs so that their beard was more healthy overall.

While Natural Man Beard oil may not be a miracle cure for those out of control beards, it does have the ability to help you grow a healthier and softer beard which for some men seems a miracle in itself.

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