Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper With Adjustable Blade Review

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There are many different manufacturers and models of hair clippers for home use, and Oster is one of the better known hair clipper manufacturers around. This company has been in the business of making grooming products since 1924.

The Oster Professional 76023 is a sturdy professional product which has been designed for years of use. Many users have reported that they have had one for over ten years.

 Features of The Oster Professional Fast Feed Clipper

Oster Professional Fast Feed Clipper

  • Fast cutting speed.
  • Adjustable blade to cut the hair at different lengths.
  • 4 Guide combs.
  • Comes with pivot motor enabling you to cut easily wet or dry hair.

So, let´s Take A Closer look At The Oster Professional 76923-510 fast feed Clipper and its functions in detail:

Lightweight, but not too lightweight

The clipper is fairly heavy, which can be either an advantage or disadvantage depending which way you look at it. Although on the packaging, Oster claim that it is “light weight and easy to hold” there are other models on the market which are lighter and therefore easier to hold than this clipper.

However, this Oster fast feed clipper is solidly constructed and probably won’t come to any great harm if you should happen to drop it on the floor.

No Carry Case

This also means that the Oster Classic 76 is harder to travel with. It is not supplied with a carrying case for storage. The lack of a carrying case might be disappointing to some people.

Battery Free Operation

Since the Oster Professional Fast Feed Clipper functions using your main power supply, you don’t have the problem of re-charging this clipper continually or the probability that the battery will get weaker and eventually die so that you have to replace it.

You also have consistency of power from your main power source which means that the motor will always run at peak efficiency.

Powerful but Quiet Motor

The motor itself is a 12 amp pivot motor which provides 50% more power than the usual 8 amp magnet motors found on cheaper models. Despite its power, this clipper runs extremely quietly.

This is a benefit for a hair clipper as you don’t want the loud buzzing when clipping around your ears. This extra power makes this tool powerful enough to cut through wet, thick or wiry hair with the greatest of ease.

Blade and Combs

The adjustable blade means that you can very quickly change the length of cut from medium length to very close or the other way around. It is supplied with four guide combs, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ and a blending comb.

This is a fairly standard set of combs and there are other models with a greater range of options, but you can also buy a set of ten guide combs separately from Oster which will fit the Oster Classic 76.

In addition, if you use the trimmer without a comb, you can get a very good close shave. Many users report that, although this is not a dedicated beard trimmer, it works extremely well doing just that.

The blades on the unit are extremely sharp and they stay sharp and are well spaced out which means that they won’t catch or pull your hair. Obviously, they need oiling, but the Oster comes supplied with blade oil and a cleaning brush.


This Oster Fast Feed Clipper is a really good investment, as evidenced by the number of great reviews on Amazon. Most consumers found real benefits from using this clipper. Some of the benefits users mentioned include:

  • Cheaper than barber shop haircuts.
  • Cuts through thick hair quickly and well.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Works better than previous clippers consumers have owned.

If the four blades that come with the Oster Classic 76 may not be enough for meeting the hair cutting needs of your entire family, the good news is if you prefer to have the same model with 8 combs, it will cost just a few dollars more to get the Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper + 8 piece comb set.

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