Our Favorite Bearded Cartoon Characters

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happy fat genie smiley in the moment when he appearsI don’t know about you but when I think about beards, I can’t help but think about all these cool looking bearded cartoon characters that their beard was not just part of a styling plan but it was THE most important part of their appearance.
So, as a female writing once in a while for this beard blog and thinking about bearded cartoon characters, I will make a quick presentation of those cartoon beards that have taken the way I am looking at beards a level up.

Yosemite Sam

And let’s start with my favorite Yosemite Sam from Looney Tunes show.

What is extremely sexy about this guy is that the unrestrained size and length of his beard which is a bit less than his total height makes you forget all about his short legs, huge nose or the fact that he has to wear a long hat to show a bit taller.

Yosemite Sam is a real male with his swaggering stature, bushy eyebrows, all time classic cowboy boots and red dyed or not dyed (who knows?) amazingly looking beard.


The Genie from Aladdin is a real master of style. He might be really big and blue, but his bearded style is unparalleled. He knows exactly what suits the contours of his face and he wears his beard with confidence.

The most charming thing about Genie’s beard is his minimalism.

If he wasn’t a genie, he could easily be a yogi teacher or a health practitioner. This guy looks really sexy with his super powers, strong arms and unparalleled beard style (by the way, Genie, can I make a wish? Hmm..)

Santa Claus

When it comes to bearded characters, Santa Claus is an all time symbol. Would you ever imagine Santa Claus without his white beard which makes children see him as the sweetest kind hearted grandpa of all times?

Santa Claus is an all natural beauty when it comes to his beard maintenance and looks. He doesn’t give the impression that he spends a lot of time grooming it since he is so busy packing all these presents for kids but his beard looks fantastic all the time.

And most importantly, below that snow looking beard which all kids love, the warmest smile is revealed.


Asterix doesn’t have a beard but he has a thick mustache. He has a very casual style and with his smart brain, he’s always there for Obelix to help him with his insight.

Although he is not what you would call a style icon, it seems that there is no way that he won’t check his mustache few times a day (when he is not busy hunting Romans or participating in those huge victory feasts of course) so that his mustache hair is under control.

Asterix is a down to earth cartoon character who still spends a little time every day on his grooming needs because he knows that looks are important for the way you see yourself as well as how others see you.

In conclusion, looking at the beards of cartoon characters, you can take some great ideas of different beard styles that these characters are not afraid to wear with confidence and pride because they consciously know that they look extremely charming with them.

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