Our Guide on Male Hair Removal

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men waxingNowadays, men take more care of their appearance and body grooming and one of the more painful tasks is the hair removal from different body parts.

The most preferred areas to eliminate those uncomfortable hairs are: the chest, beard, abdomen, legs. It applies especially for the sportsmen, as doing any activity with a bush of hair can ruin your training.

So it´s not just for aesthetic reasons that makes men to remove hair, but also for health, the profession etc. Men also prefer to shave or wax areas that we thought only the woman did like the hands, the arms, the eyebrows, armpits and genitals.

Men, apart from waxing these parts of the body, now also prefer a longer lasting hair removal system like laser which has it´s advantages and side effects.

Some men carry out such hair removal tasks in the privacy of their homes but now you find more and more men discussing the different types of systems available in the beauty salons.

Types of Hair Removal

There are different methods of hair removal depending on your own preference and more importantly the type of skin you have, so, it is advisable to follow the tips and steps for each type of hair removal.

Depilation with blade: Shaving with a blade is generally dominated by men since they are more experienced of such shaving, after having to shave the faces every day. However, it is also recommended for women and special razor are designed for women as they have softer skin.

Remember that each zone of shaving is different and the movement to shave with a blade would be different if you are shaving your chest as opposed to your beard. Make sure to apply sufficient shaving cream before shaving so that you don´t mistreat the skin and wash and dry well when you finish.

Depilatory cream: It is a painless method and the cream is simply applied to the skin which will remove hair. It is recommended to follow the instructions that come with it.It will tell you the time required and how much to apply.

It is one of the easier methods of removing body hair. However, some users find that it leaves an unpleasant odor but that can go away after your wash yourself with a good body wash.

Shaving with shaver: It is a method that lasts approximately 2/3 weeks depending on your growth. It is among the simplest forms of hair removal methods.

It is very easy since you only need to apply some cream and then the shaver. However, you must keep in mind that you run the risk of leaving some hair clogged in the skin which can cause hair to grow under the skin. In order to avoid this it is advisable to do an exfoliation before shaving.

Waxing: It is the most effective method but cumbersome and painful . Depending on the type of skin, there are three types of wax: warm, cold and hot although hot is the most effective. If it is your first time, try not to do it at home since you can end up hurting some part of your body or cause some irritation.

Laser Hair Removal: It is one of the most sought after hair removal methods since hair removal is permanent and especially painless.

It is effective because it removes hair from the root in a few sessions. This method is performed in aesthetic clinics that have the latest generation of laser hair removal tools and machines.
A disadvantage is that very sensitive skins can get burns and serious complications with this method.

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