Overview of Diane Hair Brushes

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“Diane Hair Brushes” has been around for about 75 years and is considered to be one the finest hair brush companies today. These brushes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and many are made from boar bristles.

Understanding the Lingo When Buying a Diane Hair Brush

While Diane hair brushes are considered to be extremely high quality, many consumers are confused when they purchase a Diane brush that states it is 100% boar bristle brush and is reinforced, and then when they get it, they discover it has both plastic and boar bristles.

For this reason, I would like to explain some of the lingo you need to know when purchasing a Diane hair brush.

100% Boar Bristle: This means that 100% of the natural bristles in this brush are made of boar bristles. If a brush states it is 100% boar bristle and does not state it is reinforced, then all of the bristles are natural and boar.

Reinforced: A Reinforced boar bristle brush means that while the natural bristles are 100% boar (they don’t use badger or horse hair) there will be plastic bristles in the brush mixed with the boar bristles to make the brush bristles stronger and sturdier.

Club Brush: A brush shaped like a paddle with a handle.

Palm Brush: A handless brush you hold in the palm of your hand while using.

Now that you understand what some of the lingo means when these brushes are described, let’s take a look at some of the Diane Brushes for men that are available.

Diane Double-Sided Club Brush

Diane Double-Sided Club Brush

The Diane double-side club brush features bristles on both sides of the club or paddle of the brush. This brush is made of 100% boar bristles (there are no plastic bristles in this brush.) There are 8 rows of bristles and the brush is 7 inches long. Its handle is made so that it is easy to grip.

The Diane double-sided brush is a nice looking brush that will look good sitting on your dresser or dressing table. The vast majority of users who have purchased this product really like it and state that it is perfect for smoothing hair and distributing oil from the scalp to the ends of the hair as well as waves.

It is also stated that this brush is excellent for those people with sensitive scalps as it is gentle on the skin due to the softness of the bristles.

Do keep in mind that this brush is not good for detangling your hair since its bristles are soft.

Diane Wave Brush, Extra Firm Reinforced Boar Bristles

Diane Wave Brush, Extra Firm Reinforced Boar Bristles


This Extra Firm reinforced wave brush has a combination of natural boar bristles and plastic bristles to give the bristles more strength to go through thicker or coarse hair. This brush is quite good to use for detangling your hair as well as smoothing it and creating swirls. It’s a nine inch brush and has 7 rows of bristles which means the bristles are spaced far enough apart to perform beautifully on thicker or coarser hair. It also comes with a varnished wooden handle.

While a lot of men use this brush for smoothing their beards, many also use it for brushing their hair. Most users like this product and find it nice looking and performing. They also state that this is not a brush for people with thin hair or sensitive scalps as the plastic bristles can be quite irritating.

This brush gets some negative reviews, but these negative reviews are mainly because users did not clearly understand that the term “reinforced” means that this brush is a combination of boar bristles and plastic bristles. The confusion is no doubt due to the fact that the description for this brush states that is has 100% boar bristles leading consumers to assume that all the bristles are boar.

Diane Men’s Palm Brush 100% Boar Bristle

Diane Men's Palm Brush 100% Boar Bristle

The Diane Palm brush is a handless brush designed to fit into the palm of your hand. The brush is 5 inches long and contains 9 rows of bristles, making them extremely close together. It comes with a varnished darkened back and is best used for smoothing your hair and distributing your scalp’s natural oils.

The majority of users like this brush and state that it is sturdy and easy to hold. It appears that while many men use this brush on their beards, a lot of others keep it for their heads.

Due to the softness of the bristles, it is best used by people with thinner hair and sensitive scalps. It also works great for creating swirls on the crown of your head if your hair is not too long. The closeness of the bristles rows combined with the softness of the bristles makes it impossible to untangle your hair with this brush.

Several users have complained that their brush loses a lot of bristles and shows bald patches within months of purchase. However, considering the price of this product, it shouldn’t be much of a hardship to replace it if it does lose too many bristles.

Diane Men’s Club Brush 100% Boar Bristle Brush

Diane Men's Club Brush 100% Boar Bristle Brush

The Diane Men’s Club brush 100% boar bristle brush has all boar bristles. It is 7 inches and has 8 rows of extra firm bristles. It comes with a dark varnished easy to grip handle. Potential customers do need to keep in mind that the handle is extremely short so it may not be suitable for people with larger hands.

While most men do like this brush, there are some complaints about it being too small. Few others also feel that it loses too many bristles.

However, the majority of users like this brush because it is easy on the scalp (or the chin if you are using to groom your beard.) They also like the fact that it is sturdy and lightweight which makes it perfect for traveling.
This product is probably best for people with shorter hair of average or less thickness as it won’t go though longer thicker hair.

Most users agree that this brush is perfect for people with shorter hair who simply want something to smooth their hair and keep it in order.

Diane Extra Firm Reinforced Boar Bristle Palm Brush

Diane Extra Firm Reinforced Boar Bristle Palm Brush

The Diane Extra Firm reinforced boar bristle palm brush is made up of a combination of boar and plastic bristles to help increase its stiffness. This handless brush is 5 inches and has 9 rows of bristles. The handle (on the back of the brush) is easy to grip and is nicely varnished.

The vast majority of people who have purchased it really like it and find that it has nice firm or stiff bristles which is exactly what they looking for. They find this brush to be extremely well made, and especially good for thick or coarse hair. They also state that it works well for taming beards and working their beard wax or conditioner into their beards.

The main complaint regarding this product is because of the fact that dissatisfied users were expecting the brush to be completely made up of boar bristles and were disappointed that it is not. Some customers did say that the number of plastic bristles far outnumber its boar bristles.

However, this brush is so reasonably priced and meets their needs so well that they really don’t care that there are less than the expected number of boar bristles.

In conclusion, our detailed review of some of those fantastic brushes by Diane will help you to choose the right brush to meet your hair and beard grooming needs.

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