Philips Norelco PT730 PowerTouch Electric Razor Review

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Philips is well known for producing quality products and I went through hundreds of online reviews and came to the conclusion that Philips Norelco PT730 PowerTouch Electric Razor is certainly a leader in electric razors.

Indeed, this electric razor possesses a simple set of functions that are perfect for the man on the move, while the DualPrecision blades make sure that no matter how uneven the surface of your skin, the razor can achieve a quick yet perfect shave without irritating your skin.

Add to them the vital point – waterproofing, even of the internal blades themselves – and you have a winning formula in your hands every time you pick up the Philips Norelco PT730 before heading to that all important meeting.


Let´s have a look at the useful features of Philips Norelco PT730 PowerTouch Electric Razor at a glance, followed by more detailed explanation of each feature.

Philips Norelco PT730 PowerTouch Electric Razor

  •  Light design with adequate grip for ease of use
  • Triple DualPrecision blades that remove both the longer hairs and the shorter stubble with ease
  • Flexing heads allow the blades to follow the contours of the skin, so as to make sure that all parts of the skin get equal attention
  • Super Lift and Cut technology draws the hairs closer to the blade, thus ensuring smooth shaves comfortably below the skin level
  • Waterproofing ensure that not only can the razor be used while bathing, but the blades can also be opened and rinsed in running water to quickly remove the hairs inside
  • Lithium-ion battery ensures 40 minutes of shaving (approx 14 days on average usage) time per 8 hours of charge (full charge).
  • Supports shaving even during charging, thus saving precious time.
  • Protective cap available for keeping blades in good shape during travel and storage.
  • Voltage between 100 and 240V supported (with adequate plug/connector), thus allowing the user to carry one razor across the globe.

Preparing The Philips Norelco Pt730 Powertouch Electric Razor For Shaving

I would suggest the following quick steps for anyone using the electric shaver for the first time.
1.    When unpacking the electric razor, makes sure that the following accessories are present in the box as well:

a. Protective cap
b. Manual
c. Power cord
d. Cleaning brush

2.    Remove any film or tape that may be present on the electric razor. Whatever the purpose of the tape, in my experience non removal can cause malfunctioning/loss of efficiency later on.

3.    Make sure the shaving head is not coming off, and if it is, ensure that this can be fixed by pressing it firmly against the lower part of the razor.

4.    The device will now begin its charging cycle, which lasts for 8 hours. It is highly advisable to fully charge the electric razor the first time it is used, so as to check the vitality of the battery.

5.    Once the charging is complete, unplug the charger or keep it plugged when you begin shaving.

How To Use

Philips Norelco’s experience has produced a truly revolutionary shaving product, but even the best electric razor demands certain procedures to ensure that not only are good shaves possible year after year, but also that the razor does not pose any threat to the health and safety of the person.

This is especially important since the razor supports usage in wet areas, and hence, both wet and dry shaving are possible with it.

Dry Shaving:

1.    To begin dry shaving (or shaving without any lubricant like water or shaving foam), press the On/Off button located slightly above the indicator.

2.    Press the razor against your skin, and cut away in “loop” motions, by which I mean that the movement should be circular and linear at the same time. Never, even if you are in a desperate hurry, run the razor in quick diagonals, since this causes the skin to suffer greater abrasion, leading to irritation and damaged skin.

3.    If you’d like to be doubly sure, use your free hand to raise the skin slightly, thus pushing the hairs deeper into the wire mesh for easier cutting. Make sure you follow the motions of the razor hand though, or you may end up with an improper cut or worse, an injury.

4.    Once done, switch off the razor and secure the protective cap on the shaving head.

Wet Shaving:

1.    Apply water and shaving cream/foam over the skin. To be on the safe side, use the cream/foam more liberally when you’re starting out with the Philips Norelco PT730 PowerTouch Electric Razor.

2.    Turn on the electric razor and apply it firmly onto the skin.

3.    Use circular motion to cut away the hair.

4.    Once done, turn off the Razor, and clean it out using water (see Maintenance below).

Important points to keep in mind when shaving:

Though following the above guidelines will suffice for most people, a few words need to be added to avoid confusion:

  • Since the Philips Norelco PT730 PowerTouch Electric Razor does the same work as an ordinary razor (albeit far more efficiently), it should always be used against the grain of the hair. In other words, the razor should be run in a direction which encounters resistance from the hair. The exception to this rule arises when you have sensitive skin that gets irritated due to the additional friction involved in shaving against the grain. In such cases, shaving along the grain of the hair could lead to a more comfortable (though perhaps not an equally satisfactory) shave.
  • In case you need a quick shave and have no time to charge the razor, you can plug it in and shave without any issues (as mentioned above) or charge for three minutes and gain equivalent shaving time.
  • From personal experience I can say that it takes a little time to get accustomed to the sensations and results of electric razors. As such, one should not juggle electric razors with ordinary razors, or even different electric razors.

Indicator Display

The indicator display is as simple as it gets, consisting of just one indicator that blinks in two different colors. The main color combinations and their associated developments are:

  • Red light blinking – Battery low
  • Red and green lights blinking alternatively – Battery charging, charge low
  • Green light blinking – Battery charging, charge medium
  • Green light steady – Battery charged, full charge available


It is often said that shaving is easier than cleaning, but thankfully the Philips Norelco PT730 PowerTouch Electric Razor disproves this wise saying.

All the major maintenance functions – quick cleaning, deep cleaning and replacement of blades, take little time and no rocket science to finish.

Furthermore, the blades need to be changed only about once in 12 months, thus saving the user valuable time and money.

Quick Cleaning

1.    Find the markers on the edge of the shaving head, and pull it gently upwards to raise it into a perpendicular position.

2.    Hold the now open blades and their casings in running hot water, allowing the hairs and other dirt to be washed off.

3.    Once cleaned, replace the shaving head and press firmly to ensure that it is locked in place.

Thorough/Deep Cleaning

1.    Raise shaving head as mentioned above

2.    Pull the shaving head when it is in perpendicular position. It will come off a small groove in the base.

3.    Move the retaining frame (a thin plastic frame that holds the cutters in position) anti clockwise till it can be raised from the shaving head.

4.    Take out one of the three cutter-casing pairs.

5.    Remove the cutter from the casing and clean both using the cleaning brush given in the pack

6.    Once done, replace it by carefully aligning the grooves on its edges with those in the shaving head; repeat with the other two cutters.

7.    Once all are done, replace the retaining frame by lowering it gently onto the cutters and moving it slightly clockwise.

8.    Take the shaving head and place it carefully onto the groove in the base. It should be able to stand in perpendicular position (and act as a hinge) without any support.

9.    Push the shaving head down onto the base till shaving head is firmly in place once again.

Replacing the shaving heads

Shaving heads are available as a complete set of three cutters. The shaving heads for Norelco PT730 are officially known as HQ8, so one has to make sure that they are purchasing exactly this type.

To change the blades, follow the procedure for thorough cleaning, with the only difference being that instead of replacing the blades again in the grooves, put in the new blades in their stead.


Though I did not like the looks, I was pleasantly surprised by the portability of the PT730 PowerTouch Electric Razor.

Its dimensions are just 1.8 x 2 x 6.1 inches, and it weighs just 6.2 ounces. Indeed, even its shipping weight does not exceed 1.1 pounds.


The Philips Norelco PT730 PowerTouch Electric Razor is available with a full two year warranty from Philips Norelco, which is the standard offered by the company across almost all price brackets.


  • Simple structure with one multipurpose indicator for easy operation
  • External body, razor blades/casings waterproof
  • Flexing heads with Super Lift and Cut technology for a thorough shave along the contours of your skin
  • Can be used in corded (connected to power source) or cordless positions
  • Easy to clean, replacement of blades needs


  • Not exactly the most attractive in terms of looks

Customer Reviews

Overall the reviews are very positive, customers praise the Philips Norelco PT730 PowerTouch Electric Razor for being highly portable and offering a decent motor.

The amount of run time most people got from the electric razor was more or less what the company had advertised – 40 minutes.

Some users noted that the razor took a little time getting used to, but this time was in the range of 4 days to a week, after which excellent shaves could be enjoyed without expending additional effort.

The customers also praised the low noise of the motor, as compared to some other products in the market.


Not only does the Philips Norelco PT730 PowerTouch Electric Razor make excellent and uniform shaves routine affairs, the razor is exceedingly easy to clean and maintain.

The indicator is simple to understand and the razor is overall easy to operate.

When clubbed together with the facts that it can be used when connected to power supply, and it is waterproof, the Philips Norelco PT730 comes across as a great option for those who would like to have great shaves despite having hectic routines without having to expend large amounts of time or money on personal care products..

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