Philips Norelco QT4070 Vacuum Beard Stubble and Mustache Trimmer Review

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The Philips Norelco QT 4070 Vacuum beard, stubble and mustache trimmer claims to keep your facial hair under control and looking great while leaving less hair decorating your sink.

Philips norelco qt4070

Philips have called it a Stubble trimmer because it comes with an attachment comb which will give you that perfect stubble look.

Still, that doesn’t mean it won’t be suitable for your other beard trimming needs.

Also, this trimmer is certainly not without some flaws which we will discuss in detail in the review.

I have made sure not to leave any stone unturned, so by the time you have read this review, you will feel as if you are physically examining and testing the  product.

Features At A Glance

  • Integrated vacuum system vacuums those cut off hair ends right off your face, leaving fewer hairs to cover your sink and your clothes.
  • 18 secure length settings. Since Norelco knows that not every stubble, mustache and beard wearer keeps their facial hair at the exact same length, they offer a wide variety of length settings to meet individual needs. These settings range from 1/32 to 23/32 and include 1/64 stubble setting.
  • Turbo boost button that decreases trimming time and boosts the vacuum’s power.
  • Multifunctional display informs you of the battery status (when a charge is needed) and hair length.
  • Designed to be used either as a corded or cordless trimmer.
  • Provides up to 50 minutes of use on a 1 hour charge.
  • Adjustable comb.
  • Stay sharp blades.
  • Safety lock that prevents the trimmer from turning on while traveling.
  • Has a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Philips Norelco QT4070 trimmer

In Depth Look At Each Feature of the Philips Norelco QT4070

The first thing you need to do in order to determine if this is the right trimmer for you is to take a good look at its features and see if it can do everything you need it to do.

In this case, the Philips Norelco Vacuum Beard Groomer has some very useful features. Let´s look deeper into each one of them:

Hair Length Settings & Combs

It has 18 secure length settings. Because of the fact that not every stubble, mustache, and beard wearer keeps their facial hair at the exact same length, this Norelco Trimmer Pro offers a wide variety of length settings to meet individual needs.

These settings range from 1 millimeter (1/32 inch)  to 18 millimeter (23/32 inch) and you can get more precise results as it allows you to change the length settings by 1mm. There is also a 19th setting which you can have by removing the guard and using the trimmer without any comb attached.

This would result in the blade having contact directly on your skin and you will end up with a setting of 0.5mm as opposed to the lowest setting of 1 mm with the guard. You can use this setting for a very close trim or to edge your beard. Personally, I find it particularly useful when I am trimming my mustache or the edges of my beard.

As for the combs, it comes with two combs which can be adjusted to the desirable length. While one comb is designed for trimming to stubble, the other one is for general trimming of the beard at the required length. norelc combsOne of them is also a contour comb which uses a hinge mechanism. The flexible plastic head on it moves as it goes through the curves of the face, giving more accuracy, particularly when you are trimming areas like below the chin.

Still, some users are not happy with the flexible head as they find it hard to control and I tend to agree with that. It sure requires a bit of practice to handle the contour comb and you must avoid applying pressure.

Although I have been trimming my beard for more years than I care to remember, I still prefer the fixed comb which gives me better control.

Blades, Cleaning & Maintenance

It comes with self sharpening stainless steel blades and it is very convenient to see that it does not require any oiling, which makes it completely free of maintenance and always ready to use.

This can be particularly helpful for the very busy guys who simply cannot add more items to their list of regular must do’s. An overall feedback from the users regarding the blades is quite positive, mentioning that they have not seen any deterioration in the sharpness of the blades over a long period of use.

The manual gives very clear instructions on do´s and don´ts to maintain the blades in good condition for a long period. The best is to clean it with the brush provided soon after you finish trimming your hair. Also, clear out the chamber where the vacuumed hair is stored. Keeping the chamber clean will also enhance the suction power.

One more thing to keep in mind is that this trimmer should not be washed although I don´t think it will do any damage if you use it on a slightly damp beard. I always make sure my beard is completely dry to catch all the hair and get an even trimming.

Battery, Power & Cord

The type of battery can make a difference on how long a trimmer can be used before needing to be recharged. A lithium ion battery holds a charge much longer than more traditional trimmer batteries. The power plug is equipped with an automatic selector for the voltage. It will work with 110V as well as 220V.

IMPORTANT TIP: You must always make sure not to let the battery go totally dead since a little charge is always needed to run the device.

This trimmer comes with a powerful lithium-ion battery which requires about 60 minutes to be fully charged and provides up to 50 minutes of use after a full charge.

The Philips Norelco QT 4070 Vacuum beard, stubble and mustache trimmer is designed to be used either as a corded or a cordless trimmer.

Lots of the products do not come with this option which makes it convenient to use if you are in a hurry since you don’t have to wait for it to be charged.

I particularly like this form of charging because if your beard trimmer requires a charging stand to charge, then chances are that you will not be able to use the trimmer until it’s fully charged, and it is one more thing you will have to carry along when traveling.

A trimmer that charges by a cord can most often be used while it is charging (with the cord attached) and it also makes for less bulk when traveling.

Integrated Vacuum System

It comes with a nice gadget which vacuums the cut hair ends right off your face, leaving fewer hairs to cover your sink and your clothes. This can save you some time when you are in a hurry to have a quick shave in the morning and help you leave the bathroom neat after you shave. The chamber that holds the hair has a transparent cover allowing you to see when it should be emptied.

Multi-Functional Display

It is a useful feature as it informs you of the battery status (when a charge is needed) and the hair length. The display will ensure that you don´t end up cutting too much of your beard and realising it when it´s already too late.

Turbo Boost Button

This option decreases trimming time, cuts through even thicker hair with ease, and boosts the vacuum’s power. The application of the turbo button will also increase the sound level which may not be so pleasant for some users.

Safety lock

It prevents the trimmer’s turning on in your bag while traveling.


What Users Have to Say About the Philips Norelco QT4070

While overall reviews for this trimmer are quite positive, there are some reviewers who have a few issues with the Norelco QT4070. Some of these problems appear to have been resolved.

Here are some of the things that customers have to say about this trimmer.

The Vacuum

  • Users state that while the vacuum system on this trimmer does not capture all of the cut whiskers, it does capture most of them keeping users shirts and the kitchen sink cleaner than with no vacuum system in place.
  • Some users do comment that the vacuum chamber on the trimmer is quite small, (about what you would expect.) making it necessary to empty the vacuum chamber sometimes twice for men who have longer beards.

Length Adjustments and Combs

  • Users like the adjustable setting and find that the digital display ensures that the trimmer is always set at the right length, making it easy to get the perfect trim each and every time.
  • Reviews from a couple of years ago, show that users found that the adjustment comb that came with this trimmer dug into their skin. Philips solved this problem by including a contour comb which seems to have solved the problem since reviews have improved with the inclusion of this comb.
  • Users really like the contour comb and feel it does an exceptional job for those who want a perfectly contoured beard.

Cutting Quality

There seems to be some confusion by reviewers on the cutting quality of the Norelco QT4070.

After studying hundreds of reviews it appears that a handful of users complained that this trimmer does not give an even trim.

However, considering the fact that only a handful of users have this complaint it became quite clear that the issue of uneven trimming has more to do with the angle the users holds the trimmer rather than a problem with the trimmer itself.

• If the trimmer’s head is tilted too far forward nick or cuts to the skin may result.

• If the trimmer’s head is tilted too far back then the trimmer doesn’t cut the hair at all.

• Constantly changing the tilt while trimming will result in an uneven trim

Other User Comments

  • Several users state that the turbo boost really helps them cut through coarse hair, but do say that it is a bit loud especially when using it close to the ears.
  • Several users are disappointed that it is difficult to trim their mustache using this trimmer. I would agree with this evaluation as the trimmer head is too wide to get close to the nose.
  • The vast majority of users do find that this trimmer has a long battery life, which they really appreciate.
  • Users really like the rubberized grip on this trimmer and find that it makes it easy to hang onto the trimmer.

All in all if you handle the Philips Norelco QT4070 with a little care, this trimmer should hold up quite well and last you many years.

Dimensions & Storage

The cutter width is  32 mm which is just right for the beard, however some people may find it a little wide when it comes to trimming mustache under the nose area.

It´s just a question of being a little careful in the begining and you will soon get the hang of it.

Height     6-1/4″

Width      2″

Depth      2″

Shipping weight    1 Pound

Packing a loose unprotected beard trimmer and its accessories in a suitcase can damage your trimmer, so I would have liked to have seen a travelling case / pouch with it but unfortunately you may need to invest in a small case not just for travelling but also to keep it tidy in the bathroom with its attachments.

What Comes In The Box

When you purchase the  Norelco turbo trimmer, you can expect to find the following when you open the box:

  • Philips Norelco vacuum stubble and beard trimmer Pro.
  • Two adjustable guide combs.
  • Charging adapter.
  • Cleaning brush.

Price & Warranty

It´s a mid range product and there are certainly cheaper options available. But considering all the features and vast number of positive reviews, it´s a worthwhile investment which could last you for years.

After extensive research, I have provided the link which, as far as I know, is the cheapest option available. The trimmer has a 2 year manufacturer´s warranty.


Overall, Norelco QT4070 is an effective trimmer which gathers very positive reviews and many satisfied customers.

Most of its features are very useful. The only area I am not too happy about is not being able to see exactly the point where the blades are making contact since this would make it a bit difficult to do the trim lines.

Some people may not like this. However, lots of users including me, do the trim lines with a safety razor. A razor can give you a far better and more precise line as compared to any trimmer.

By presenting the good and not so good features of this trimmer, it is our hope that you can now make the decision of whether or not the Philips Norelco vacuum stubble, beard and mustache trimmer is the right choice for you.

If you have any doubts or questions, please drop me a comment with your question and I would be happy to answer you. I should be able to clear any doubt a lot quicker than you having to search the net for an answer.

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