Phillips Norelco CC5059/60 Kids Hair Clipper Review

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Cutting young children’s hair can be quite difficult especially if those loud sounding clippers make your young child frightened or they are simply more noisy than they can stand.

The Phillips Norelco CC5059 Kids Hair Clipper has made cutting the hair of younger children easier by presenting a less noisy clipper.

Phillips Norelco CC5059/60 Kids Hair Clipper

Product Features

  • Ultra quiet- While these clippers are certainly not silent, they are much quieter than most clippers on the market.
  • Contour following combs help to make cutting hair more comfortable for your child.
  • 15 length settings cuts hair from 1/8” to 1 3/4”.
  • Lithium Ion battery allows these clippers to run about 45 minutes per charge and to hold their charge better than most other types of batteries.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Can be used with or without the cord.

What we Like About These Kid’s Hair Clippers

Like most of the parents who reviewed this product, we really like that fact that the Phillips Norelco company spent time considering the effect that the loud buzzing of most clippers have on young children and came up with a way to make a quiet sounding clipper.

While these clippers may not make an active toddler want to sit still any longer, they do help relieve the tears and fears some children experience from having a loud buzzing going on around their head.

We also like the fact that the clipper comb is contoured and has somewhat rounded tips which prevent the comb from poking into a young child’s head, which adds to their fears of having their hair cut.

The fact that these clippers can be used with or without the cord ensures that they will not stop in the middle of a hair cut, making you wait for them to be recharged.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews for the Phillips Norelco kids hair clipper are overall very positive, however some users feel that the guide combs could have been made to last longer and other users noted that these clippers are not quite as powerful as they would like. Still, the extra power would only be needed for longer and thicker hair which is not the case for most children.

Apart from these two issues, a lot of parents found the following benefits from using this tool.

Makes cutting their child’s hair easier: Parents who have children who are sensitive to the sound of normal hair clippers find that these ones do make cutting their child’s hair much easier as many children are not bothered at all by these less noisy clippers.

Comfortable to Hold: Parents also like the fact that they are really comfortable to hold while cutting their child’s hair as it often takes longer to cut a young child’s hair than an adult´s due to the children´s inability to sit as still as most people would like.

Cordless Use: While being able to use these clippers with the cord is an added benefit, most parents like that they are also designed to be used without the cord, giving them more maneuverability and keeping a cord from getting tangled around a constantly moving child.

Additionally, it should be noted that while users like these clippers, they feel that they work best with hairstyles that are shorter in length.

Overall, this hair clipper for kids does help parents cut their child’s hair more simply and easily which is a huge help for them. It is also a cost saving method since they don´t need to go to the barber´s. Parents can easily work out the money saved especially if they have more than one child.

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