Pros And Cons Of Having A Beard

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Having a beard has its benefits for sure, but it can also create some little trouble. So what are those beard pros and cons, let’s see!

Beard Advantages

Turn your face cons into pros

Beard pros and consIf you have some areas of your face or even your face’s shape that you don’t want to show so much, growing a beard may be the perfect solution.

For example, there are beard styles you can adopt if you have a long narrow face, a short face with a pointed chin, a rectangular face or any other facial characteristics which you want to soften. For more information on what style suits you best, have a look at our guide on beard styles.

Wearing a beard for men can have the same goal like putting on makeup for women. Women use makeup to camouflage specific face features and to promote and make more visible other pretty features that have.

It sounds kinda cheating but oh.. well it is for a good purpose, don’t you think?

In the case of men, since makeup does not seem like a very male option, a beard can do something similar like makeup on women.

Give you that manly look

One of the ways late teenagers choose to give themselves that manly look which they are really impatient to get is to grow a beard so that they look actually older than what their real age is and show more like a man. This is a good trick and it really works providing you have enough hair to create a nice look.

To assure that your facial hair grows fast, you can read our tips to grow your facial hair more quickly. Also, in the cases of men who have a baby face and want to change this up to a certain point, growing a beard can cover this face feature of theirs and give them a more rough look. Also, the combination of a baby face and a beard on a man’s face can actually be quite attractive for a lot of women.

Choose the right beard according to your face dimensions

Men’s faces have obviously different dimensions. While there are men who have a fatter face, there are others that have a very thin face. In both of these cases, the right shape and style of the beard, can weaken those face features and really make a difference on those men’s looks.

Avoid everyday shaving

Not having to shave every single day is truly a man’s paradise, you can ask any man about this and his answer will be surely positive. So, even if avoiding constant shaving is the only reason for someone to have a beard, it would be a really worthwhile reason. Still, having a beard doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do anything to it since it needs to be taken care of properly to look nice and healthy. Suitable techniques and beard products have to be used so that you have an attractive looking beard. For more information, you can read our various ways to maintain a nice looking beard.

Have a sexy look

Beards add some kind of charm to men and to some men they add even more than to others. Still, whatever is the level of charm that one gets out of keeping a beard, a goatee or a stubble look, the fact is that the beard makes men’s faces look more interesting, according to my opinion.

It is fashion!

In fact, beards may not have been out of fashion EVER but today we see men being more interested in finding the right beard style for them and in learning ways to make it look more handsome and healthy so, that makes beards a quite popular option in men’s grooming. Almost all famous actors grow beards and show them off with pride. Having a beard is one of the ways men try to improve their appearance and even feel more wanted because they know how attractive a nice looking beard looks (period)

Natural Insulation

Ok, that might sound a bit funny but it is a fact that having a beard can provide you some kind of natural insulation and be a natural heating solution up to a point. Of course, don’t expect to solve your winter heating issue with just growing a beard even if it is longer and thicker than Santa Claus’.

Beard Disadvantages

At the first steps of growing, it can be skin irritating for others.

When you first start growing a beard, others that come in contact with your beard may get that annoying hedgehog feeling which can be irritating for their skin if the contact is continuous. So, there may be some complaints on their part that might not be so encouraging while you are trying to grow your beard.

Still, remember that this hedgehog feeling disappears once your hairs grow longer, so this is a fact you can inform mainly your companion about and suggest a bit more patience.

Trial & error period

Nobody knows how to take care of a beard perfectly until they start having a bit more experience. They might even need the help of a professional in their first steps who will recommend to pick a style that suits them more and help them understand ways to trim and take care of their beard and/or mustache better.

In our site, you can find useful tips to trim a beard with a trimmer, ways to shape a goatee, easy steps to trim a mustache as well as other articles to help you become an expert yourself at home.

More hair equals to more heat!

As it has been mentioned before, a beard can work as a natural insulation during colder months but what happens in those warmer months? For sure, you might feel hotter than if you had no beard at all. Still, is it worthwhile to deprive yourself of that joy of keeping a beard and shave it off just because it adds a bit to your general body temperature?

In conclusion, having a beard has its pros and cons but I think that the pros far outweigh some cons that might appear. So, go ahead embrace your bearded life and let others fully enjoy you and your beard!

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