RazoRock Alum Stick Review

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If you wet shave with a straight razor or DE, then you are probably going to get a small nick or cut occasionally or at the very least a touch of razor burn, which is why almost everyone who wet shaves keeps an alum stick in their shave kit.

RazoRock Alum Stick

Alum sticks are all natural and can quickly stop the bleeding from nicks and cuts and make your face feel better and even refreshed. RazoRock Alum stick is a large Alum stick that should last the average user for months.

Features Of RazoRock Stick

  • Comes in a sturdy plastic travel case.
  • Calms razor burns and helps heal nicks and cuts.
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria that causes odor.
  • Works as a facial toner.
  • Measures 2.5” X1.5” X.75”.
  • Works as an aftershave.


RazoRock alum stick is totally natural. It really doesn’t have a long list of ingredients and in fact the only ingredient in it is Potassium Mineral salts. The fact that alum is found in nature makes this product one of the most environmentally friendly skin care products on the market.

How to Use

Simply rub this stick over a wet or damp face, and feel it tighten the pores and refresh your skin.

What We Like About It

This product is extremely simple and versatile which is exactly what we like about it. Not only can it be used to stop the seeping of blood from those nicks and cuts when shaving, but it can also be used to help fight acne, treat oily skin and even reduce the odor of smelly feet.

Because this is an extremely large stick and comes with a durable plastic travel case, it makes it handy for those who want to use it for a multitude of uses (although if you plan on using it to prevent foot odor, we suggest you purchase two sticks.)

What Do The Customers Say:

Reviews for the RazoRock Alum Stick are exceptionally good. Benefits users have experienced include:

Long Lasting: This is more like a block of alum rather than a stick, and is completely solid. Most users find that it lasts an incredibly long time depending on the number of uses they put it to, with many of them saying that it lasts them between 8 months to 1 year.

Works Effectively: People think it works exactly as it  is supposed to, helping to heal those nicks and cuts as well as ease the sting of razor burns.

Travel Case: They also like the fact that it comes in a handy travel case, helping to keep it free of dust and dirt, and allowing them to take it anywhere they travel.

In conclusion and to be perfectly honest, any alum stick should have the same basic features and benefits as this RazoRock alum stick. What makes this product a great deal is the fact that it is both large and solid, giving users excellent value for their money.

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