Looking For A Safety Razor And Shaving Brush Stand?

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If you are shaving with a safety razor and brush, maintaining your equipment is important for hygiene purposes and for helping that equipment last longer and remain in good working order.

Having a safety razor and brush stand will allow your equipment to dry properly which will help keep your razor from rusting and your brush bristles from becoming damaged or mildewing.

So, here is a look at some of the most affordable and popular safety razor and brush stands on the market today.

Escali Deluxe Chrome Razor and Brush Stand

Escali Deluxe Chrome Razor and Brush Stand

The Escali Deluxe Chrome Razor and Brush Stand is a handsome chrome plated stand designed to hold both your shaving brush and razor, allowing them to dry properly and store neatly.

Features of this stand include:

  • Provides safe convenient storage of razor and brush.
  • Facilitates proper air drying for better maintenance and hygiene.
  • Weighted base adds stability.
  • Non slip pad on the base of the stand.
  • Fits most (but not all) brush and razor models.
  • Chrome plated.
  • Razor width opening 13mm.
  • Brush width opening 26mm.
  • Height from top of base to bottom of crossbar 115mm.

This brush and razor stand will look nice sitting on your bathroom vanity or medicine cabinet shelf. It does hold most standard width shaving brushes and will hold larger brushes if you place them into the opening right at the base of the bristles with the bristles pointing down.

User Reviews

Over all, this inexpensive razor and shaving brush stand gets extremely good reviews. Some users have been slightly disappointed as this stand won’t hold wider handled brushes in the manner it is meant to although it will hold most brushes in some manner.

However, most men really like this holder and find it offers them the following benefits:

  • Sturdy Construction- The stand itself is built to last, and isn’t going to fall apart if knocked over or even dropped on the floor.
  • Looks Nice- People really like the looks of this brush and razor holder and feel it is stylish and elegant looking when sitting in their bathroom.
  • Works with short or long handled razors- Many users were surprised that this stand works with both short and long handled razors. In fact, almost every brand and make of razor fits in this stand perfectly.

Colonel Conk Evernice Model 775 Chrome Safety Razor Stand

Colonel Conk Evernice Model 775 Chrome Safety Razor Stand

Colonel Conk is a company known for its wet shaving products including safety and straight razors, wonderful smelling and lathering shave soaps as well as shaving mugs and bowls, so it only makes sense that this company would also make a brush and razor stand.

The Colonel Conk Evernice Model 775 Chrome Safety razor stand has the following features:

  • Chrome finish.
  • Holds razor and brush between uses.
  • Weight base.
  • Brush slot width 1 inch.
  • Razor slot width .5”

The Colonel Conk Evernice Chrome Safety Razor Stand is designed to hold most standard size safety razors and brushes. It is possible to hold brushes with thicker handles by inserting the brush right at the base of the bristles with the brush pointing down.

While this allows for proper drying, it does detract from the overall neat look you will get if the brush properly fits the stand.

User Reviews

The Colonel Conk Evernice Safety razor stand earns exceptionally good ratings and reviews although some customers complain that the chrome finish starts flaking off after a while.

Still, most users are willing to accept this small flaw because the holder keeps their shaving equipment in good condition. Most men find the following benefits when using this brush and razor stand:

  • Well Balanced- Users like the fact that this brush and razor holder is well balanced and keeps their shaving equipment in the proper position to dry correctly while keeping the bristles from becoming malshaped.
  • Nice Looking- They also like the mirrored finish chrome on this stand and find it looks nice with bathrooms. Although this finish tends to wear off in time, periodical drying and polishing of the chrome seems to make it last a lot longer.

Mission Style Wood Shave Stand for Razor and Brush (Walnut Finish)

Colonel Conk Evernice Model 775 Chrome Safety Razor Stand

For those who have a lot of wood or wood look cabinets or accessories in their bathroom, this Mission Style Wood Shave Stand for Razor and Brush may well complete the look. Some of its features are:

  • Proper brush drying.
  • Designed for brushes 20-21 mm.
  • Grove at top holds your safety razor.
  • Made of high quality hardwood construction.

This wood shave stand will add the warm glow of wood to any bathroom while its somewhat old fashioned and classic style is both simple and sophisticated.

User Reviews

Ratings and reviews for this wooden brush stand are quite good. I could only find one customer who seemed to have issues with the finish of this product, but most men really liked both the function and the quality of the product and found the following benefits:

  • Solid Construction- Users liked the fact that this brush and razor stand was solidly constructed and would probably last a lifetime although they did admit that due to water damage, it might need refinishing sometime in the future.
  • Elegant Looking- Many people find this wood shave stand more elegant looking than those chrome or stainless steel brush and razor stands.

All three of the above brush and razor stands are extremely affordable and can keep your shaving brush and safety razor neatly out of the way while allowing them to dry properly, thus prolonging their useful life.

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