Safety Razor and Shaving Brush Travel Case Review

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If you use a safety razor and do any traveling at all, then chances are you worry about carrying that safety razor in your travel case for fear of dulling or breaking it or even damaging other items in your kit from the razor blade.

Of course, you can try wrapping your safety razor in a washrag or small towel or, even better, you can find a convenient case that is meant to hold your safety razor.

Similarly, in the case you want to carry your favorite shaving brush with you when you travel or even have it stored better so that it stays in good shape with its bristles protected, a shaving brush travel case can give you the right solution.

So, if you think that you need a safety razor and shaving brush travel case, here is a review of some of the best travel and protective cases we have been able to find.

Parker Safety Razor Genuine Leather Double Edge Razor Protective/ Travel Case

Parker Safety Razor Genuine Leather Double Edge Safety Razor Protective Travel Case

This Parker Safety Razor Travel case is designed to fit several different brands of razors including Parker, Merkur, Gillette, and more.

The case will hold both short and long handled razors and has a snap lock to keep your double edge firmly in the case until you are ready to remove it.

This safety razor case is made of genuine leather and has a soft felt black lining to further protect your razor.

Reviews for this product are very good. Users find it to be nice looking and say that it definitely protects both their razor and possessions from harm. It also sells for a good price.

Timor Black Leather Safety Razor Travel Case

Timor Black Leather Safety Razor Travel Case

This Timor Travel Case is a handsome looking case made of black cowhide cushioned leather.

It also has a nice little pocket in the back of it to store your extra razor blades.

The case holds most, but not all safety razors, it is extremely durable and is bound to last users years with proper care.

Overall, it gets excellent ratings and reviews. People like the fact that it is good quality, very well made and that it fits both long and short handle double edge safety razors. The back pouch is actually very useful.

Since, this case is not made in the USA but in Europe, you will have to wait very little longer for it to arrive but, according to people, the minimal wait was well worth it.

Merkur SimplyBeautiful Double Edge Safety Razor Protective & Travel Case

Merkur SimplyBeautiful Double Edge Safety Razor Protective Travel Case

Merkur SimplyBeautiful Travel Case is a simple looking travel case which earns above average ratings and reviews.

While most people do agree that it will provide protection for your safety razor, some feel that the case is cheaply made.

It also contains no lining to help protect your razor from getting scratched, but does have a snap top to prevent it from slipping out of the case.

While it does hold several different types of razors, there are several razors that it will not fit.

The biggest issue with a few users was that they did not get the case they ordered, but rather a more inexpensively made knock off of the original.

Radius Plastic Razor Case

Radius Plastic Razor Case

Radius Plastic Razor Case is a case made out of relatively thin plastic molded into one piece which is designed to hold a big variety of popular razors and is made in the USA.

It is durable and does not contain any drain holes.

It also has a secure snap lock and is available in various colors such as emerald green, sapphire blue, watermelon pink and plum purple.

The unfortunate thing is that you cannot order the color of your own preference which is an issue that has to be sorted out since watermelon pink might not be a top choice for lots of men.

Reviews are very positive with users saying that this plastic razor case is not for people who place looks and style over function. It is also extremely inexpensive and is one of the few razor cases that holds Venus razors allowing women to travel with their safety razor as well.

Users do admit that the Radius razor case protects both their possession and their razor and blade very well, but they don’t like the fact that you don’t get a choice of colors as several men complained they got pink cases.

In addition, people don’t like the fact that the case doesn’t have any drain holes so that your razor drains.

“Parker Safety Razor” Genuine Leather Shaving Brush Protective/Travel Case

Parker Genuine Leather Shaving Brush Travel Case

The “Parker Safety Razor” Shaving Brush Travel Case is an accompanying case to their safety razor case and a great way to keep your shaving brush protected while traveling.

This is a genuine leather case that is handmade and has a good quality as well as price. It can also make a nice gift.

Reviews are very positive and users really like being able to protect their high quality shaving brushes with this elegant looking well made case.

All in all, protecting your double edge safety razor and shaving brush with a protective travel case results in a better shaving and traveling experience. So, one of the above cases should meet your needs and help you enjoy a relaxing shave regardless of how far away from home you may be.

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