Safety Razor Blade Sampler Pack Review

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newww81rjV9+SjDL._SL1500_Whether you are new to double edge shaving or simply haven’t yet found the best safety razor blades that are right for you, purchasing a Blade sample pack that offers a few different brands of blades to try can be an extremely cost effective way to find the right blade that works with your skin and beard type and is most comfortable for you.

Do keep in mind that reviews for each type of razor blade will have both positive and negative reviews. This is because different blades work well with different skin and beard types as well as for different shaving styles.

Instead of trying to review each type of blade in this sample package, we will instead give you some basic information about each blade based on actual user experience.

Gillette Silver Blue

Gillette Silver blue blades are made in Russia and have numbered corners for those wishing to rotate their blades for longer use.

While these blades are more expensive than some of the other blades in this sample pack, they are also cheaper than some of the others.

Reviews indicate that the Gillette Silver blue blades while not the sharpest blades this package has to offer, they are fairly sharp and work well for light to medium coarse beards.

Most users find that they do not irritate their skin, which may make them suitable for people who have sensitive skin. Men also feel that these blades retain their sharpness through a number of uses.

Gillette 7 O’clock Super Stainless Blades

The Gillette 7 O’clock super stainless blades appear to be slightly sharper than the Silver blue blades.

They are sharp enough to allow for a smooth shave but are less irritating to the skin than some of the other blades in this sample package appear to be.

These blades seem to have a great consistency and price, making them a good compromise between cheaper less consistent blades and the higher priced sharper, but more aggressive blades.

They also seem to work well on people with coarse beards and sensitive skin.

Feather Hi-Stainless Blades

Feather Blades are Japanese made stainless steel razor blades that are well known for being aggressively sharp.

They give a great shave and a single blade tends to last for more shaves than most other blades.

There are also fewer irregular blades than you find with most other brands, which can be attributed to excellent quality control during the manufacturing process.

Due to their sharpness, these blades are best used by those people who have a light hand with a DE razor and allow the blade to glide across the skin rather than applying pressure.

Astra Superior Platinum

While Astra Superior Platinum blades are sharp and durable, they do not give as close of a shave as other blades in this package.

Some users do find that some of the blades have glue from the wrapper stuck to the blade but this complaint only came from a handful of people.

Men do not find these blades to be overly aggressive and they tend to be more forgiving for those people who tend to apply some pressure while shaving.

The majority of users find them to be a good value and believe that they do not tend to irritate their skin as much as some of the other blades.

Blue Bird Blades

Made by the company that makes Derby blades, Blue Bird blades tend to either be loved or hated by users.

As one of the least expensive blades in this package, users find them to be an excellent value.

They do not cut as close as many of the other blades in this package.

Several users state that the lack of sharpness leads to the pulling of the hair and requires several passes to get a clean shave resulting in irritation.

People find their quality to be inconsistent with some blades being too dull to shave close. These blades also don’t last for as many shaves as other blades in this sampler do.

Derby Extra Blades

Derby Extra blades are considered to be the least aggressive and sharp blades in this sample package.

While this makes them unsuitable for people with coarse beards, some users find that they allow them to make several passes over the same spot without causing irritation.

Those new to DE shaving discover that they result in fewer nicks and cuts than sharper blades while learning how to shave properly. For this reason, they are considered by many to be good starter blades.

Shark Super Chrome Blades

While the name Shark may indicate a super aggressive razor blade, this does not seem to be the case with these Shark super chrome blades.

While these polymer coated stainless steel blades are fairly sharp, they tend to be more forgiving than the feather blades, but less forgiving than the Derby making them a good choice for many people with medium thick or coarse beards.

Users find these blades to give them a fairly comfortable shave, but the sharpness of the blade quickly dulls making them last for only a few shaves.

This sampler pack of razor blades is a great idea for those people who find themselves shopping for the perfect razor blades to enhance their DE shaving experience.

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