Shaving Factory Double Edge Safety Razor Review

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The Shaving Factory double edge safety razor is a budget priced safety razor ideal for those who want to try double edge shaving, but don’t want to buy top of the line equipment in case this type of shaving is not for them.

Features of Shaving Factory Razor:

  • Made from a variety of metals and is chrome plated.
  • Works with all standard size double edge blades.
  • Twist to open butterfly head.
  • Comes in a sturdy blue gift box with a mirror inside.
  • Lightly textured handle for a better grip while shaving.
  • Handle measures 3.5”
  • Weighs 1.8 ounces.

Shaving Factory Double Edge Safety Razor

What We Like About This Razor

While potential consumers do need to keep in mind that this Shaving Factory Double Edge safety razor is a budget priced razor and lacks some of the durability of more expensive and high quality razors, there are some things including the budget price that we like about this product.

The price combined with the sturdy gift box makes this razor perfect for traveling since users don’t have to worry about leaving an expensive razor behind.

It is comforting to see that the razor was designed in USA using computer technology which gives it a perfect angle for shaving. It is also a safe non aggressive razor which could be ideal for people new to shaving.

The butterfly opening makes it easy to clean and replace the blades which sit nicely in the head and it is compatible with any double edge blades.

We also find its textured handle a nice touch for a razor in this price range, giving users less slippage and better control when shaving.

What Do The Reviews Say?

Reviews and ratings for this double edge safety razor are above average. Few users have mentioned that the chrome finish is not applied well and begins to wear off after a certain amount of regular use but these comments were more of an exception and not the rule.

The majority of men find the following benefits when using the Shaving Factory Double Edge Razor which include:

Reasonably well made and Durable: Most users do find this razor to be reasonably well made and durable for the price. In fact, several of them were actually impressed with its quality given the fact that it costs less than a decent pair of socks these days, and double edge shaving saves most users a good deal of money on those cartridge style razors.

Reusable Gift Box: The reusable gift box is great for keeping the razor secure especially when traveling and in fact, some people feel that the box itself is almost worth the cost of the razor.

Perfect for Novices: Almost all men agree that this razor is perfect for novices as it is fairly lightweight, but well balanced, making it a good inexpensive razor for users to learn how to shave with.

Easy To Clean: People have commented that they find it very easy to clean and the residue does not get stuck in it. Just a simple rinse should be enough after you finish shaving.

Things to Consider when Purchasing this Razor

There are some things that potential customers need to consider or keep in mind when purchasing this razor or reading the product reviews.

The Price:  This is a budget priced razor, therefore users should not expect it to be as well made or durable as those DE razors that sell for 4 times its price. In order for the company to offer a razor at this price, it is only common sense that they would need to use less costly materials in its construction.

However, many of the negative reviews seem to be written by users who wanted a top of the line razor for a budget price.

Durability: While many more expensive and high end DE razors are made to last for a lifetime, this razor is not. While it is entirely possible to get 2 or even 5 years of use, one should not purchase it expecting it to be the only DE razor they will ever buy.

In conclusion, the Shaving factory double edge safety razor is a good razor at a budget price, and is perfect for those who are looking to try out DE shaving without investing a lot of money.

It can also make an ideal travel razor for those users who don’t want to take their more expensive DE razors on the road.

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