How To Shave With An Electric Shaver

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Man shaving. Handsome young shirtless man shaving with electric razorShaving needs no introduction, but perhaps shaving with electric shaver does. The question here is not so much “how to shave” as how best to shave with an electric shaver in the quickest time without getting crimson marks on the skin.

Many people try to use electric razors like ordinary razors and achieve mixed results, and begin to question the efficacy of electric razors.

Considering the fact that even the best electric razor is only as good as your shaving technique, we’ve collected for you some simple tips that will explain to you how to shave well within time constraints.

I wanted to give you some simple tips to make your Electric Shaving experience enjoyable. It´s something that I have been doing for years with great results.

Moisturize your skin

Elementary as this may sound, a good many people forget to do this when in a hurry, thereby leaving the hairs hard and end up wasting more time by skipping the moisturizer. A moisturizer helps open up the pores of your skin and soften the hairs, thus making them easier to cut. If you don’t have a moisturizer at hand, use plain water, or hold a wet towel to your skin, allowing the moisture to soak in.

Dry your skin

Once moisturized, make sure you dry your skin. These days the best electric razors are water-resistant, but you need to be 100% sure of this before you can risk using one with wet skin. One option is to use an alcohol-based product, since alcohol tends to dry out your skin. However, we don’t want the skin completely dry, so a simple rinse with a dry towel will suffice for most people.

Don’t press too close to the skin

When people think about how to shave using an electric razor, they often believe that the closer the blade, the closer the shave. This may apply for normal safety razors, but bringing your skin too close to the rotating blades will merely increase the chances of getting a wound.

Press the skin to the razor

Instead, you should press your skin such that the part being shaved is slightly raised, and the hairs can enter the wire mesh in greater number. Your fingers should follow the progress of your razor, so that the skin being shaved is always the skin that’s raised. This also tends to shorten the shaving time considerably.

Cut against the grain

Amongst the most elementary lessons when it comes to learning how to shave, cutting against the grain is something many people forget about when in a hurry. Run two fingers along the hair that needs to be shaved – along one angle resistance will be minimal, while in the opposite resistance will be great. Cut along the latter angle for a faster and smoother shave. However, this advice may not apply if you have cuts or bumps, since they stand a much greater chance of being pricked when shaving against the grain.

Clean and change the blades regularly

Your after-shave maintenance decides how good a shave you get next time, so always take care to clean out the blades after each shave. Electric razors generally need their blades replaced once a year, though heavy usage may necessitate earlier replacement.

In addition to these, remember that electric razors produce far fewer cuts than ordinary razors, and if you are getting regular cuts in spite of following the above steps, it is time to investigate the wire mesh, as they tend to wear out over time.

Such instances of wearing out take place over long periods of time, however, and are therefore nothing to worry about when purchasing electric razors. Indeed, if you follow the above guidelines regarding how to shave using an electric razor, you can reasonably look forward to many quick, thorough and comfortable shaves using your electric razor.

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