Simple Tips On Choosing Razor Blades

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Choosing a razor bladeYou have just bought a brand new safety razor and obviously, you would like to try it with a good quality razor blade.

Sure you can buy any cheap razor blade regardless its make or mode, and initially for the first shave or two (almost), any blade will slide over your face and give you a reasonable shave.

But if you want a razor blade of a good quality which should last you many shaves and would only shave your hair and not your face, there are certain facts to bear in mind in order to pick the right razor blade.

In this article, we will discuss various aspects of double edge shaving as well as which blades to buy and how to use different brands and models.

Why the Double-Edged Razor Blade?

There is a number of reasons to enter the old school and start shaving with a double edge razor, but the following ones are the main reasons which are helpful to know:

  • They are available at a very affordable price.
  • It is proved that they last longer and give you a better shaving experience than some of the other shaving tools available in the market today.
  • Shaving with these devices just cannot be better and the skin on your face will feel softer. (Trust me when I tell you that once you try these classic machines, you would never want to go back to using any other.)

Tips to Shave Using Double-Edged Blades

Here are some quick tips to remember when using your new double-edged razor blade:

No Pressure: Do not apply pressure against your skin while shaving with these razors. If you exert a lot of pressure, you will end up cutting or irritating your skin.

Maintain the Angle: You should shave keeping the razor at an angle of 30 degrees and watch out! Do not move the machine from side to side horizontally unless you want to start bleeding.

Stretch your Skin: Same as you stretch your skin using any razor, with a double edged razor, you should stretch a little more. It is similar to the way you would use a straight knife when you maintain the skin tense so that you get a barber quality shave.

Rinse the razor: After every pass, rinse your razor well under the water. It is very important to keep the blade clean, otherwise it will begin to clog.

Do not worry about the size of the blade or the design since all the blades have a standard size to fit perfectly in your safety razor.

Some things to look out for when choosing a double edged razor blade

Material: Almost all the blades are stainless steel and have some kind of coating, such as Teflon or platinum. There are many types of coating, but in general, the razor blades are coated stainless steel.

Price: One of the best things about these razors is their price. Most of them are very cheap, depending on the type, manufacturer and quantity so for an economical price, you can get a few that will last for a long time.

Packaging: The blades are available in individual wrapping and they are usually packed from 5 to 15 blades, which are stored in a small plastic case. These boxes have a section in the back to store the used blades for safety reasons which eventually get thrown at a specific place (your local town hall should be able to inform you where to throw them.)

Sharpness: Most of the blades have different types of sharpness. The myth of believing that the sharper the better is not always correct since there are so many different factors which contribute to this. For most users, a medium sharpness is ideal.

Performance: There are a lot of contributing factors such as the thickness of your beard, the shaving soap you are using and your safety razor. There is no sure way to tell that this or that blade will be suitable for you, and for a short period, it will be an exercise of trial and error until you find an appropriate razor blade for you.

I usually suggest buying a sample pack which consists of various types and comes in small packages to try out.

Durability: The durability of blades can vary depending on the thickness of the beard, the type of soap you use etc. Most of them will last for about 4-5 shaves, but once again, the number of applications may vary.

In conclusion, these were some useful tips to help you choose the most effective and convenient razor blade for you.

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