Stache Bomb Stache Wax Review

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Stache Bomb mustache wax was created by Jamin Badger who found that there were few moustache waxes available that had the type of hold he wanted and needed.

Determined to change all of that, he decided to make his own moustache wax, and Stache bomb stache wax was the result of his efforts.

This moustache wax was originally sold in Badger’s home state of Maine and now is sold all over the United States.

Features At A Glance

Stache Bomb Stache Wax

While Stache bomb is made for handlebar mustache, some customers have reported that it does not offer a very firm hold and there are others who seem to be very happy with the way it holds.

These mixed reviews could also be due to the thickness of the hair or not applying the required technique in application. So, let’s see the product’s features:

  • Handmade Moustache wax designed especially for handlebars.
  • Works on beards and sideburns as well.
  • Comes in a pine scent.
  • Ingredients include: Beeswax, petroleum oil jelly and fragrance.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

This wax also gives you a mild oily feel which adds to the softness of your tache hair.

What Do the Customers Say

Reviews and ratings for stache bomb are quite good with many men who try this moustache wax finding it suitable to meet their needs.

What men really like about it include:

It’s Easy to Get out of the tin: This is a fairly soft wax that is easy to get out of the tin and apply to moustache, sideburns, or beard. Unlike some other waxes, it does not need a great deal of heating to get out of the tin which makes it convenient to use for many men.

Holds Stray Hairs Well: Men use it in many areas where straying facial hairs are an issue as this wax keeps stray hairs in line without the feeling that you are gluing your hairs together.

Tin Fits Nicely in Pocket: Sometimes touch ups are needed throughout the day, so users find helpful that the tin fits nicely in their pocket.

Easy to Wash Out: People find that it washes off their fingers and out of their moustache easily without leaving behind any residue.

Unique Scent: It has a nice subtle pine, citrusy scent which almost everyone reported to have liked.

Natural Feel: It gives the mustache natural look as if you never put any wax at all.


Some people don’t like to apply a very strong wax and get that hard wax feeling. If that’s your preference, this Stache Bomb wax is just the answer for you. The other advantage I see is that it’s very easy to apply.

My overall view of the Stache Bomb Stache Wax is that the hold should be a lot better on finer hair. The feel of the wax is also good for those who want to keep eyebrow, beard, and sideburn hair in check.


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