Straight Razor Stand – An Ideal Gift

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No one wants to leave a straight razor or shavette just lying around in the medicine cabinet where it could cut you reaching for the toothpaste, or some other item, so having a straight razor stand to keep your razor safe and out of the way makes a good deal of sense.

So, here are some simple, yet useful and elegant straight razor stands that should meet your needs. To make a complete set, you may see a selection of top quality straight razors and together with the stand it would make a memorable gift.

Stainless Steel Straight Razor and Shaving Brush Stand

Deluxe Stainless Steel Straight Razor and Shaving Brush Stand

The Stainless steel straight razor and shaving brush stand keeps both your razor and brush neatly together while allowing for the proper drying of your shaving brush. Features of this stand include:

  • All stainless steel design (less likely to rust.)
  • Weighted base helps prevent this stand from accidentally being tipped over.
  • Designed specifically for straight and barber razors as well as shavettes.
  • Holds standard shaving brushes 20-25mm brush knots. Ensures proper drying and storage of brush and razor.

This stand is great for those people who have limited bathroom space since it will easily sit on your sink cabinet or in the medicine chest. Being made of stainless steel, it is resistant to rusting so it should last for years of use.

User Reviews

Users give this stainless steel straight razor and brush stand good reviews and ratings. Some of the features that users especially like include:

  • Solid- Unlike many razor stands that appear to be top heavy and tip over quite easily, this stand has a weighted bottom which helps it to stay upright protecting both the razor and shave brush from damage that can be caused by a stand falling over on its side unnoticed.
  • Quality Finish- Users feel that this object has a high quality finish that makes it look as good as razor and brush stands that cost much more.
  • Holds Razor and Brush Well- People also like that the fact that this stand holds both the razor and brush well, since many stands seem to only fit a limited number and design of razors or brushes.

Swissco Nickel Razor Stand Vertical 2.4 ounce Box

Swissco Nickel Razor Stand Vertical 2.4 ounce Box

The Swissco Nickel Razor Stand is designed for straight or barber razors as well shavettes. Let’s look at its features:

  • Holds razor vertically.
  • Stands about 6 inches high.
  • Made of Nickel.

The Swissco Nickel Razor Stand holds only the razor, so you will need a separate stand to hold a shaving brush if you use one.

User Reviews

People like this razor stand and aren’t the least bit put off by the fact that this stand doesn´t hold a shaving brush as well. Features men particularly like include:

  • Stand Holds Razor Well- Users like that this stand holds their straight razor securely and keeps it out of the water which helps to keep the blade from rusting.
  • Doesn’t Need Special Care- They are also very pleased that this stand doesn’t rust easily or need special care such as continually applying polish and buffing it.

NaWait Straight Razor Stand Chrome Plated

NaWait Straight Razor Stand Chrome Plated

The NaWait Straight razor stand is a nicely designed object perfect for holding straight razors or shavettes. Features of this item include:

  • Chrome plated heavy gauge steel.
  • Holds razor horizontally.
  • Keeps your razor and you safe

User Reviews

This NaWait razor stand only has a few reviews, but they are extremely positive. Users feel that it is a good value and holds their razor safely.

In conclusion, these were our top choices for the best straight razor stand. Whether you want one that can hold both your razor and your brush safely or just only your razor, here you will be able to find the most suitable item for you, based on user reviews and my personal research.


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