Tips For An Effective Skin Care Routine

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Skin care tips

Whether you are new to skincare or you just feel that what you are doing does not work as well as you would like it to work, here we’re going to go over some tips for an effective skin care routine to help you achieve a beautiful looking skin and keep it in tip-top shape!

You will need to follow some basic steps. This includes things such as exfoliating the skin, moisturizing and also cleaning it properly.
Protection from the sun is also very important and most health experts recommend a sun protection factor of at least 30 or more before leaving the house.

So, let’s have a look at some effective skincare routine tips and tricks to get your skin back into optimal condition.

Don’t Forget

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that the effectiveness of a product or technique is down to the type of skin that you have. You may have oily skin, dry skin or possibly even a combination of the two. Also, skin that has been damaged by the sun requires a different type of technique to bring it back into its full beauty.

So, without further a due, let’s get started on some basics tips for your skin and overall beauty.


The first tip here is a relatively simple one to follow and that is; finding a good cleanser for your specific skin type. You do not necessarily need to spend lots of money on a good cleanser, yet simply find one that is suitable for you and your skin type.


Soap is one such cleanser which many people neglect to use properly. If you want to maintain good looking skin on your face, then you should only ever use soap from the neck down. If you have dry skin, then you should opt for a cleanser that is creamy and for those with oily skin, a clearer cleanser is more suitable.

You should also be careful about washing your face too often. While you may think it is a good idea to cleanse it as often as possible, over-cleansing your skin will actually dry it out, rather than replenish it.

The time when you really need to wash your face is at night before you go to bed. This applies for people who wear make-up and sunscreen during the day which can cause blockage to your skin’s pores and prevent it from breathing naturally.

To remove make-up and sunscreen, you may opt for a cream which is simply applied and then wiped off without the need to use water.

Taking Care Of Your Eyes

One area of skin on the face which you must be careful about is around the eyes. Always keep in mind that the skin around the eyes is a lot more delicate than the rest of your face. Rather than rubbing water to try and remove make up, try to search for an effective make-up remover that works without you having to rub too hard.


The next piece of advice which you should always use as a good skincare routine is exfoliation.This is one area of skincare that a lot of people tend to neglect however, this part of the process is extremely important and if you do start exfoliating, you should notice a difference quite quickly.

You do not need to exfoliate every day and in fact, once every seven days is more than sufficient. You could choose a type of facial scrub to exfoliate your skin and there are different methods of exfoliation available for you to try from chemical peels to something known as microdermabrasion.

Whilst some people swear by these methods, our skin was never really designed to be treated unnaturally and therefore a facial scrub and exfoliation should be gentle.

You may have noticed that men’s skin often looks really fresh and can look more youthful than the skin of a female who has the same age. The reason for this is that men actually exfoliate once a day when they shave. Sorry ladies, but this is a fact of life and we still have to look after our skin.

Protection from the Sun

The next piece of advice which should definitely be part of an effective skincare routine is to apply sunblock. In fact, applying a sun protection cream is probably one of the most important steps when maintaining the health and beauty of your skin.

Even if you live in a relatively cool climate, the Sun can still cause considerable damage to your skin. This may not be apparent at first glance; however, underneath the top layers of the skin, you may have caused damage and affected the skin cells from within the inside.

If you have failed to use skin cream everyday, then please don’t panic, starting now you can begin to protect your skin and have it looking more youthful than it has ever been.

So, what factor sun block do you need?Ideally, the higher the sun protection factor of a skin cream, the better it will be for you. However, this is not always possible as we often don’t want to plaster our faces with thick white creams as we would experience with some of the higher sun protection factor products. In this case and as a general rule of thumb, try to make sure that your sun protection cream is of a factor 34 or above.

Moisturizing Your Skin

Moisturizing the skin is also another technique which you should include into your routine. Finding a good moisturizer for your skin type or the issue you want to fight is not always easy, so you need to first discover what your skin really needs and then a proper moisturizer. However, try not to overdo it with moisturizing as too much moisturizer can actually block the pores in your skin and cause spots.

Vitamins and Minerals

Probably the most unknown but most effective part of any skincare routine, revolves around the health of our body…on the inside. Many of us spend all of our time trying to take care of our skin, without realizing the job would be 10 times easier if we looked after ourselves internally.

Did you know that if our body is lacking in nutrients, our skin can become dry, be more prone to blemishes and even cause wrinkles down the line?

The “Must Haves” Of Nutrients for An Effective Skincare Routine

  • Vitamin A

Vitamin A is tremendously good for our skin, it helps to clear out free radicals, repairs any damage that has been caused and restores dry skin. This results in healthier, younger and softer skin both to the feel and to the look.

  • Vitamin B

If we are lacking this vitamin, we could suffer with dry skin, irritable skin and even hair loss. However, if we have the required amounts, we can expect an eradication of all of the above. This vitamin also harbors excellent anti-inflammatory benefits which help to reduce any itchiness or irritation.

  • Vitamin C

The head honcho of all vitamins, vitamin C helps to keep our immune system strong whilst also aiding the circulation of blood to both our skin and scalp. This gives our skin, nails and hair complete healthiness.

  • Vitamin E

A natural sun cream in many ways, vitamin E can protect our skin from the ultra violet rays from the sun. It is also a powerful anti-oxidant which helps to fight off any free radicals within our skin cells.

  • Other Important Nutrients for Our Skin

It is not just vitamins that are good for an effective skincare routine. Minerals such as selenium and zinc are both excellent natural sun blocks, whilst zinc can also heal our skin and repair the skin cells.

Fatty acids also play a strong role in maintaining our skin, the more common ones are found in omega 3. The fatty acids in omega 3 keep our skin hydrated, help to prevent aging and sooth any inflammation in the skin.

Alpha-Lipoic acid is another of the fatty acids which is fantastic for the skin. It is usually found in leafy vegetables and is a powerful natural anti-oxidant. It is completely unique compared to other anti-oxidants as it can penetrate right through oil and water. This means it can have benefits for the skin both internally and externally, no other anti-oxidant is capable of both…just one or the other.

Natural Supplements and How to pick the Right Supplement

So, now that we know the true effectiveness of vitamins and minerals can have in a good skincare routine, we have to ensure we digest them all. This is not always as easy as it seems..

Many of us have time constraints, or simply cannot be bothered to find out what foods contain what vitamins, how many we have to eat, then calculate it all and finally go home to cook it up. Luckily for us, there is a much easier option…natural supplements.

There is a wide variety of supplements on the market, each having their very own purpose. Some are for dieting purposes; muscle building, general nutrition and yes there are some that are geared towards our skincare.

Never assume all supplements are the same though, they are not made equal. Different brands will have differing purity, content levels etc. So, before any purchase, spend a little time just making sure you find the right supplement for you, made by a trusted company who utilizes only the purest of ingredients.

Where the ingredients are sourced and how they are processed is an important factor, too. You are looking for ingredients that come from countries with minimal pollution levels, which have been properly filtered and processed to ensure there are no foreign toxins.

You would be surprised how many products there are which claim to optimize your health, but actually potentially damage it.

In conclusion, if you follow this routine you will have everything you need to keep your skin looking young, fresh and healthy for years to come. Just remember…maintaining healthy skin through an effective skincare routine is just as important on the inside as it is on the outside.

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