To Shave Or Not To Shave?

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Should you shaveAs a man, there is no way you don’t often find yourself facing the following dilemma “To Shave or Not to Shave?”

There are different factors that can make this dilemma more intense in your mind and call for a decisive approach to be followed, so here is a half serious and half fun explanation given by a woman who sees her man facing this dilemma once in a while.

If you are the type of man who is desperate for a little extra sleep in the morning, then the option of a night shave might be going round your head.

Of course, the night relaxation on that devouring sofa might be putting obstacles in this thought transforming into action, but oh well..if we agree with the maxim of the ancient Greek Pythagoras who said that “Well begun is half done” meaning that the start of an action equals to the half of your total action, then believe me there is a big hope for any man getting up from the sofa at night and making that big decision to shave.

Sure, even if you have made this decision, there are still going to be plenty of obstacles for you to overcome like your legs feeling paralyzed or your head feeling stuck to that softy cushion friend..that’s where you have to strike with decisiveness and first lift your right leg and then the left or even vice versa.

A miracle has come true and now you are finally up and heading to the bathroom. Nothing can go into your way and you are just few meters away from it. Be strong and get into that room. By the way, once you are in, lock yourself in, just in case, and don’t go out until you finish with that shave!

Now, if you haven’t yet decided whether you want a shaved look or you want to grow your beard more, this may be a good excuse to skip shaving. I am not really sure but I think men love to postpone shaving for as long as they can when they have to shave.

Also, if you are indecisive of whether you want to shave or grow some facial hair on your face, the stubble look is always a good way to see if you like yourself with that look or if your partner likes your look. After all, the stubble look is thought to be sexy by a large part of the female population.

Personally, a nice looking goatee with clean shaven cheeks is the look I prefer on my partner but I am always open to him trying different versions like a total shave, he he he.

So, those were some of my thoughts of men’s difficulties when the time for shaving comes and they need to decide whether to shave or not.

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