Top 10 Sports for Good Health And Burn Off Calories

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Engaging in sporting activities is a great way to maintain one's vitality and overall performance level. 

Every sport has their specific risks and benefits, so, some may be more suitable for an individual than others. Most sporting activities help to burn off excess body fat, leading to a natural weight loss, reduced stress level as well as prevention of various forms of illnesses or diseases-both physical and emotional.

Talking about emotions, sports give us a better perspective of ourselves and enhance sexual performance among other amazing benefits. 

In this article, we will be revealing top 10 sports for good health, their basic features, and some primary things to consider when engaging in your preferred sport.

1. Squash

Squash for fitness

Similar to the front-on (also called front on paddle), squash is usually seen as a fully-engaging and energy-demanding exercise.

This entertaining sport is highly recommended for good health and general well-being. Setting out just 30 minutes daily for squash is good enough to engage your entire body effectively. This simple act has been proven to burn off up to 517 calories!

Besides the muscular and cardiorespiratory training involved in this sport, it also enhances the body's resistance as well as the flexibility of the back and abdomen.

Squash, however, comes with risks which include muscular injuries and blows that may be obtained from a hit by the ball or your companion's racket. 

2. Rowing

Rowing for fitness

Similar to squash, this is an active sport when it comes to flexibility, energy and endurance. Besides, the respiratory system and the heart benefit immensely from this type of exercise.

Experts reveal that 30 minutes spent on rowing in a day burns out up to 302 calories.

Although you might have some restrictions–as this activity cannot be done just anywhere–most gyms have rowing equipment. This intensive sport helps to build and sustain muscle mass in every sense.

The risks associated with rowing, however, involve back pain, muscle injuries and tendinitis.

3. Swimming

Swimming for fitness

Here comes my favorite sport! And this is for a couple of reasons. I have always loved the water since infanthood.

It sounds even more fascinating to know that I can engage in a game I am passionate about and still enjoy a lot of health benefits from it- it’s obviously a win-win situation.

Swimming helps for stronger bones as well as enhances muscle mass and cardio-respiratory system. It also gives resistance, shape, energy and flexibility to all muscle mass.

However, wrong swimming techniques could pose some health challenges; hence the need for a professional instructor/instructions before you hit the waters.

Interestingly enough, when I spend 30 minutes in the pool doing what I know how to do best, I lost about 345 calories. The risk of injuries in swimming is relatively low.

4 Football

Football for fitness

Here is one of the most popular sports globally and also one of my favorites. Besides the extreme fun and excitement that characterize this game, it also involves concentration, team work and intensive body exercise.

Soccer enhances aerobic capacities, cardiovascular health, endurance ability, muscle flexibility, strength, and improves tone. It is also effective for weight loss and healthy bones, and has several other health benefits; both psychological and physical.

Remember that a football session usually runs for 90 minutes, and players are always on the run throughout the game. Interestingly, just 30 minutes of running burns up to 430 calories. Now, you can imagine the number of calories you will be burning in 90 minutes play.

Sadly, bones and muscular injuries are frequently recorded during football games. 

5. Cycling

cycling for fitness

Cycling does a great deal in strengthening the muscles, enhancing muscle resistance and getting rid of calories.

Cyclists enjoy outstanding muscle flexibility and just 30 minutes on this sport cuts off 431 calories.

Although this remains one of the best sports for health and general well-being, unfortunately, it can be hazardous if some safety measures are ignored. Cycling has recorded the highest number of injuries and accidents among other sporting activities.

Therefore, appropriate preparations should be made and relevant safety equipment should be employed before practicing this sport. 

6. Tennis

tennis for fitness

Tennis, just like squash, is an ideal sport for good health; it offers participants similar benefits. Similar to football, tennis helps the body to remain busy all throughout the game.

Though the risks are minimal, some cases of tendinitis and muscle injuries are scarcely recorded. 

7. Basketball

basketball for fitness

Just as in tennis and football, basketball involves teamwork including emotional, physical, and psychological contributions. Your bones, muscles, and cardiorespiratory organs are however not left out.

A basketball player is always alert and in full swing all throughout the game. 30 minutes of play burns off over 300 calories. The running and jumping involved in this popular sport makes it more of aerobics. 

8. Running

running for fitness

Running comes with enormous health benefits, especially as it relates to the cardio-respiratory system.

The muscles in the lower back, waist, legs, and glutes are top beneficiaries of this exercise.

Jogging for about half an hour helps you to burn off over 430 calories. When running/jogging is appropriately carried out, there are minimal chances of having a muscular or bone injury.

9. Volleyball

volleyball for fitness

Volleyball gives players a remarkable gain in strength, resistance, shape, and tone; particularly around the arms, glutes, and legs.

Since volleyball primarily involves jumping and running, it remarkably tones the muscles. The effects are more when practiced on a sandy court as the efforts of the muscles intensify.

However, this could increase the chances of bone and muscular injuries coupled with the high risk of tendonitis. 

10. Boxing

​Of all the sports listed above, boxing could be the most dangerous and risky but it comes with several health benefits when practiced properly. Since you will be expecting some blows while boxing, you may need some protective gears.

Its muscular and cardio-respiratory benefits are enormous. About 30 minutes on this sport burns off over 302 calories.

However, boxing and injuries are close relatives. This exercise may cause severe bruises and all types of wounds on the bones as well as muscles, and may even damage the brain. Hence, exert great caution before taking up this sport.

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