Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit Review

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Wahl is a company that has earned a reputation for making good trimmers and shavers for home use at a very reasonable price.

Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit

The Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit is designed to cut hair, trim up the beard and mustache as well as those sideburns, and even allow you to do a bit of manscaping for less than what one or two professional haircuts would cost you.

I have had this machine in my collection of trimmers for many years and it has given me trouble free service during all this time.

The only thing I would like to remark is that it does feel a bit hefty but Wahl have done a good job with the ergonomic design which makes it easy to hold since you can feel the quality even before you start using it.

I do sometimes use it for trimming my beard too, but if your requirement is just for beard grooming, then this is not the right device for you. But if you are looking for a multi purpose clipper/trimmer, you won´t have any regrets from Wahl Color Pro.

Features At A Glance

The Wahl 79300-400 is a corded hair trimmer that comes with a lot of useful features for an incredibly low price. These features include:

  • Each comb comes in a distinct color.
  • 20 piece haircutting kit.
  • Color codes on the handle for easy reference.
  • The self sharpening high carbon steel blades are precision ground to help stay sharper longer.
  • This kit is designed for total body grooming.
  • Soft touch grip makes using this trimmer more comfortable while allowing you to have increased control.

Suitable For:

The Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting kit is suitable for cutting and trimming hair all over the body, from clean shaving your head to trimming that beard and mustache to manscaping.

Here is a closer look at the Wahl 79300.

Hair Length Settings & Combs

Wahl 79300-400 complete hair cutting kitThe Wahl 79300-400 complete hair cutting kit comes with 12 color coded combs of varying sizes including 1/16”- 1/8”- 1/4”- 3/8”- 1/2”- 5/8”- 3/4”- 7/8” and 1”. While there are more combs than you will probably ever use, it gives everyone who purchases this kit the right size comb to get the job done.

Some of the trimmers have lots of problems with the attachments which they break easily. In this case, during my in depth research I did not come across complaints about the quality of combs, and since I have used them myself, I can tell you that they have lasted me well and snap on and off easily.

The attachment combs are in different colors which makes it easy to remember everyone’s favorite hair length. Color coding on the clipper corresponds to the color of the combs so that you can get the settings just right when trimming hair.

You can also use these hair clippers without the guard or combs for an even closer cut but it will not cut as close as shaving. It also comes with a little handle on the side with which you can adjust the blades.

Lots of consumers have used it to give themselves and other family members a haircut and given very high ratings for the results.

I have fairly coarse hair and it cuts it quickly with relative ease. You can feel the power of the motor as it trims the hair.

Blades, Cleaning & Maintenance

This kit uses carbon steel blades that do need oiling after each use to keep them in tip/top shape. Carbon steel blades are a lot stronger and long lasting. Such blades are well known to have a sharper edge than stainless steel blades.

These blades are precision ground and self sharpening so you will never be cutting with a dull blade. However, the clipper comes with a bottle of oil and I would suggest that you put couple of drops of oil on the blade from time to time in order to maintain the quality.

The blades are easily removable by unscrewing couple of screws and you can wash and oil conveniently. If you do wash them, make sure they are completely dry before applying oil.

Lots of the users have been using the same blades for years without any problems. However, you can also get replacement blades if needed.

Power & Cord

The Wahl 79300 does not come with a battery and operates using a cord. This would give you the maximum power on each use without having to worry about charging. It works on 120V, so you will have to buy an adaptor if you need it to convert to 220V.

The length of the cord is about 6 feet which is plenty for your hair cutting needs. As it´s also used by professional barbers, Wahl made sure the cord was long enough to give sufficient flexibility of movement.

From the thousands of reviews on the internet, I didn´t come across anyone complaining about the noise but on the contrary, the comments were all saying that it´s a fairly quiet device. It makes a sort ot buzzing sound which is lot quieter than lots of the other trimmers.

From my personal experience, I have not had any heating issues and I use it for at least 15/20 minutes for each cutting session. After about 10 minutes, it gets a little warm which is only to be expected.

Additional Features Of Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro

The combs and the keys on the Wahl 79300 are color coded, making it easy to remember everyone’s favorite comb length. This makes it possible to get that just right cut or trim time after time.

This trimmer also has a soft grip body and an ergonomic design for more comfortable use during those longer trimming or hair cutting sessions.

Users have found it to work very well shaving their hair on the chest and back although I feel it might be too bulky for this purpose and it will be better to have a smaller trimmer.


This trimmer comes with plenty of accessories. Besides the 12 different size styling combs, you also get a small bottle of blade oil, a barber comb, a styling comb and a pair of scissors.

Do keep in mind though that the scissors are not particularly of a high quality, and you might be better off to buy a pair of good quality scissors if you plan on using them on a regular basis.

Consumer Reviews & Ratings

With almost 1300 reviews for the Wahl 79300 on Amazon alone and another 1000 or so scattered over the Internet, it is clear that Wahl 79300 gets a vote of confidence from most users.

Before I get into what reviewers have to say about this haircutting kit, I feel necessary to explain a bit about what actual users used this haircutting kit for while by reading through the well over 1000 reviews, it became apparent that the vast majority of the users bought this kit simply to use it for haircuts.

There were a lot of users who used this kit to shave their head, few who did use this kit for beard and mustache trimming while some others actually used it for other areas of their body.

As mentioned above, although I use it at times to trim my beard, it is not the ideal device for beard grooming. Whilst it will trim your beard, I think that a smaller beard trimmer would work a lot better especially for more precise trimming.

Therefore, when listing the advantages and disadvantages of this kit, these pros and cons will be related to this product’s ability to trim hair on the head unless otherwise specified.

Some general comments by the users include:

  • These clippers work as well or even better than more expensive pairs.
  • Worth it at three times the price.
  • Even two visits to the barber should cover the price of this clipper.
  • Gives a professional looking haircut.

Consumer ratings for this hair cutting set are extremely high on every site where these clippers have been reviewed. The majority of users gives this clipper good to excellent ratings across the board.


  • Powerful enough to cut most people’s hair.
  • Good quality clippers – Sturdy and solid feel.
  • Durable and easy to use.
  • Fairly Quiet.
  • Well worth the price- This kit pays for itself in just one or two uses.
  • Color coding works well.
  • Comes with a variety of useful attachments.


  • Not great on all beards.
  • Cord does not swivel, so it can get all twisted.
  • Small number of users find it noisy.
  • The blades aren’t as sharp as some users would like.
  • Some users have experienced problems with the trimmer’s overheating.

What´s In The Box

When you first open the box that contains your Wahl 79300-400 color Pro 20 piece complete hair cutting kit, you are bound to be slightly impressed by everything packed inside.

This kit comes complete with the following:

  • Wahl 79300-400 clipper/trimmer.
  • Blade guard.
  • 12 color guide combs.
  • Barber comb.
  • Styling comb.
  • Scissors.
  • Cleaning brush.
  • Blade oil.
  • 6 inch storage case with handle.
  • English/Spanish instructions and styling guide.

Dimensions & Storage

Dimensions for this room is 9” X 6.2” X 10” and the shipping weight is about 2 pounds.
This hair cutting kit comes with its own plastic storage and travel case. The case comes with a handle to make transportation simple and easy.


When you consider that this is a 20 piece hair cutting kit that is designed to cut unwanted hair all over the body, this set is actually dirt cheap. In fact, it is almost hard to believe that any other hair cutting kit can come close to the low price of the Wahl 79300.


During my research, I tried hard to find some faults with the device but quite honestly whatever I read, they were full of praises. However, there are some minor things to consider which I have given in the cons above.

Overall, the Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro gets extremely good ratings from actual users, mainly as a hair clipper.

This haircutting kit does appear to be easy to use, does a good job at trimming hair, and simply comes at an incredible price that allows users to save money and makes this clipper an excellent value even for those who got limited use out of these clippers.

It appears that for this price, you would be hard pressed to find a better haircutting kit..

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