Wahl Professional 785110 Balding Clipper Review

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Wahl has been making men’s hair, beard, and mustache grooming tools for several generations and the Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Balding Clipper is a professional clipper designed for close cropping the head on your hair for those who want to sport that bald look.


Features of these clippers include:

  • Comes in packages of 1 or 2 clippers.
  • Single cut clipper with surgical blades designed for full head balding.
  • Twice the speed of pivot motor clippers.
  • Comes with 2 setting guides 1/16” and 3/16.”
  • Set comes with a barber comb, pre-shave brush, red blade, guard oil, cleaning brush and operating instructions.

What We Like About These Clippers

While these clippers won’t be suitable for every person’s needs, they are an excellent choice for those who want that close to the scalp shaved look.

They won’t give you as a close of a shave as a razor does, but it comes pretty close. We also like the fact that they give a close to the scalp trim in just minutes saving time on those rushed mornings.

These balding clippers are heavy duty and sturdy and with proper care should last for a lengthy period of time.

We like that this is a single blade clipper, which means that it should result in less irritation to your scalp.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews and ratings for the Wahl balding clipper are very positive overall. Users find the following benefits of using this grooming tool.

  • Sharp Blade– They really like the sharp blade stating that it cuts through their hair in a single pass saving them time and scalp irritation.
  • Heavy Duty– These clippers are heavy duty feeling substantial in their hands.
  • Powerful Motor– Users also state that they have a powerful motor which makes short work of clipping that hair down to the scalp.
  • Long Cord– The cord is long allowing people to easily move around.
  • Smooth Trim– Users like the fact that this device provides them with a smooth even trim making it unnecessary to repeatedly go over one area again and again.

While the majority of people who purchased the Wahl Clipper do like the way it performs, some users do find some things regarding this product that they feel could be improved.

For starters, some users have commented that these clippers easily nick the scalp, causing red streaks and bleeding. In addition, others have mentioned that while the cord is nice and long, it has a tendency to tangle easily.

Recommendation/Suggestions by Users

Actual users have offered some suggestions and recommendations to make using this device more successful. Here are some helpful hints they have passed on:

Make Sure the Clippers Are Properly Aligned Prior to Using– Either the product manufacturer don’t make sure that the clipper blade is properly aligned with the guide, or the clippers get misaligned during shipping. Users recommend that prior to using them for the first time you should check them (view the clippers from the side) to make sure that the blade is properly aligned. If your clippers need to be realigned, there are YouTube videos showing you how to align them properly. By ensuring that they are properly aligned, you reduce the chances of nicking or cutting your scalp when shaving your head.

Keep Clippers Parallel to Scalp– Users also state that if you keep the clippers parallel to your scalp when balding your head, you are also less apt to cut or nick you skin.

Use One of the Clip Guards– They also recommend that you use one of the clip guards to help reduce irritation to the scalp.

In conclusion, the Wahl Professional 785110 5-star series balding clipper is an excellent choice for those users who want to sport that near balding look without having to shave with a razor on a daily basis.

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