What Causes Wrinkles And Fine Lines Under Eyes At A Young Age

Portrait of handsome young man with clean-shaven face and happy smileSometimes, wrinkles can also appear at an early age but that doesn’t mean that they will be permanent. So, let’s have a look at what causes wrinkles and fine lines under eyes at a young age and what we can do to get rid of them.

Apart from the good skin genes that everyone longs for or expects to have, there are a lot of other reasons that can make wrinkles appear at an early age.

Environmental reasons, for example, which have to do with extreme weather conditions or even pollution. “Unhealthy” environmental conditions can cause free radicals attack the healthy cells in our bodies and therefore make signs of aging appear.

Wrinkles can also show up because we mistreat our skin, doing harsh movements while washing our eyes or squeezing them a lot on the pillow when we sleep. It might be funny for some of you to hear but do you know that there are even special pillowcases made of some suitable fabric which prevent fine lines and wrinkles?
Other reasons for these signs of skin aging can include lack of proper cleansing which can imbalance the levels of moisture in the skin. So, when the levels of hydration are low, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can come even sooner.

Cleansing the eyes area is essential but doing it the right way. Avoid using harsh chemical cleansers which can dry out the skin and rip off its natural oils.

Youngsters in a lot of cases tend to go more for products either their friends have used or they have seen on TV and they generally choose cost friendly products.

They can also go on using different samples just to see what suits them best but this can result in a bigger unbalancing of the eye skin area.

So, keep your skin properly cleansed by using a gentle cleanser according to your skin’s type. Especially teenage girls that start experimenting with makeup should use good quality products and never forget to remove their makeup before going to sleep.

Being at a young age means that you do not need to use an eye cream but if you see that the area under your eyes is very dry and you want to boost its moisture levels, remember that the quality of an eye cream or eye serum plays an important role.

Always check the ingredients and avoid products filled with cheap synthetic ingredients. Learn more about effective ingredients that work well with wrinkles like eyeliss.

Wrinkles at a young age sometimes appear because of bad nutrition or lack of certain vitamins. Vitamins A,C, E and K are important if you want a wrinkle free, balanced and resistant to aging skin.

So, check whether you have a deficiency in any of those vitamins and try to follow a healthier diet. Of course, that means minimizing the regular use of processed or fast food.

Consume more vegetables and fruits preferably in their organic form and cut out those soda drinks that fill you up with sugar and useless ingredients.

Another way to fight wrinkles under eyes is adequate sleep and relaxation. When we sleep, we help our body fight the free radicals that are responsible for aging. After sleeping normal hours, we feel our whole system more revitalized and the same goes for our skin.

You can check that yourself how much more vibrant and flawless your skin looks after a good night sleep. Believe me, it is one of the best presents you can give to your skin.

Lack of stress can also prove to be more than beneficial for our skin looking more firm and less vulnerable to wrinkles and fine lines.

Smoking is responsible for the skin’s dehydration and letting free radicals affect its state. So, if you enjoy smoking, maybe you have to think more about the benefits that quitting smoking can provide your skin with.

Sun protection is also more than necessary if you want to protect the sensitive area around and under your eyes. A good quality skin care product, sun glasses and a large hat can help you be protected by the damaging effects of the Sun on your skin.

Intense eye expressions can affect your skin’s elasticity. It is better to avoid them as much as possible and wear sun glasses to avoid any shrinking of the skin due to the sun’s irritating beams.

Short sighted people sometimes squeeze their eyes to be able to see better. Often squeezing of the eyes can be responsible for the quicker showing up of eye wrinkles. If you do so, try to avoid it so as to keep the area under your eyes in a better state.

Finally, always remember that the under eye skin area is the most sensitive and prone to the early appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. So, treating it carefully and with care, using the right products and following a good diet plan and a healthy lifestyle will help you prevent and deal with those skin aging signs.

Our Must Have Products to Prevent Eye Wrinkles at a Young Age

As we have already mentioned, avoiding harsh skin care products for your eyes’ area is one effective step you can take to prevent wrinkles and fine lines at a young age because this area is so sensitive and thin that it can get damaged easily.

Our must have products to protect the skin around your eyes from aging include a top quality organic creamy cleanser that is suitable even for the most sensitive skin, a gentle moisturizing eye serum and a soothing eye mask that you can use if you are dealing with puffy eyes or skin inflammation and some early signs of aging skin. So, let’s have a short look at what each of these products can do:

Pai Skincare Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

Pai Skincare Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

Pai Skincare Cleanser is one of those products that I think I will never stop using. It is the most gentle yet effective cleanser I have used and is suitable for both the face and eyes. It luxuriously melts to the skin and removes everything your skin does not need in the beginning or the end of the day, leaving you with a smooth, relaxed and moisturized complexion. It also leaves the skin clean and feeling comfortable without any irritation. It does not dry out the skin and in my case prevents breakouts as well. This product is a real win-win! It may be a bit expensive but for me totally worthwhile the investment, and if you do not know about Pai Skincare, you can find more about this multi-awarded British Skincare brand in their official site or reading users´ reviews.

Eminence Organic Skincare Neroli Age Corrective Eye Serum

Eminence Organic Skincare Neroli Age Corrective Eye SerumEminence Organic Skincare Neroli Eye Serum is another gentle product that can help you fight wrinkles and fine lines, brightening the skin and helping you repair those visible signs of aging. You can use it on the whole area around the eyes. It contains a lot of antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C and E, Coenzyme Q10 and other ingredients that will boost your skin´s resistance to aging and help it look healthy and refreshed.

LA PURE 24K Gold Eye Treatment Mask, 15 Pairs (Pack of 1)

LA PURE 24K Gold Eye Treatment Mask

If the skin around your eyes looks dull and fatigued or you are dealing with certain issues such as puffiness, dark circles or wrinkles, this LA PURE 24K Gold Eye Treatment Mask contains some good quality effective ingredients such as Vitamins, Hyaluronic Acid, Red Algae Extract and more. Users also rate this product very highly.

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