What is Beard Balm And How To Use it

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Benefits of beard balm

Beard balm is a solid wax like substance that is made by mixing, heating and cooling moisturizers and skin sealants.

It often contains bees wax as well as other key ingredients like essential oils along with Shea butter and cocoa butter.

Beard balm is used to add moisture to your beard and reduce beard itch, just like beard oil, but a balm also has the added benefit of providing a light hold for styling unruly and frizzy hair.

Why Should I Use Beard Balm?

Beard balm, sometimes knows as beard butter, is a nutritious treatment that softens your beard, repairs split ends while also providing a light hold to style and tame stray hairs.

A good balm will be fragranced to keep your beard fresh and provide the added benefit of creating the optimum conditions for thick healthy beard growth.

Beard balms are normally matte in finish and won’t add the shine provided with many beard oils, again helping the beard look more dense and fuller.

To Use Beard Balm or Not to Use?

Many believe that only owners of very long beards should use a balm, in fact, as a means of maintenance. It is also suitable for those who have only just started the process of beard cultivation.

Natural vegetable oils and essential oils in the composition of the balm help relieve itching and skin irritation, strengthen hair follicles, and prevent split ends.

Bearded experts suggest that balm usage, be it frequent or not, should depend on the condition of the hair. If the hair is porous, curly and easy breakable, the balm will help tame the beard and smooth it into shape. If the hair gets greasy quickly (especially if the beard is longer than average), the balm should not be over used since it can make the hair look oily and limp.

Those who work outdoors will greatly appreciate the balm because it makes their beard look good even in unpredictable weather conditions. Of course, to each his own. That said, its benefits makes the beard balm worth trying.

Rules of Applying Beard Balm

Rub a small amount of the balm between your palms until it melts, and immediately apply it to the beard and the skin underneath.

Very serious beard enthusiasts might own special spoons or applicators for balm use, claiming that using hands on the beard might introduce bacteria or dirt into the hair. The choice between hands or accessories is definitely a matter of personal preference, but using hands is perfectly safe, if they are thoroughly washed with soap prior to balm application.

Applying the balm, rub it in circular motions. If the beard is long enough, the balm can be combed throughout along the length of your hair. The beard is subsequently combed and shaped.

The amount to be used is an individual decision but it is important not to use too much. The amount depends on the length of your beard and hair texture. While smooth, straight hair does not require a strong hold, curly and misbehaving hair might need a more forceful approach.

How to Use Beard Balm

Beard balms are available in different recipes but the basic idea is the same. Scoop some out, rub in between your fingers until it is soft and liquidy, and work it into your beard with your fingers.

Most men simply use their fingers to apply balm but you can also use a wooden beard comb or beard brush if you prefer.

It is best to apply your balm when your beard and skin is warm and damp as your hair and skin will absorb the most natural goodness from the oils and butter.

After your morning shower is the perfect time to apply beard balm. Some men do apply it throughout the day or before going out for a night in the town, and it can be applied to both wet and dry beards.

Most beard balms contain conditioning and moisturizing oils and butters as well as beeswax.

Beeswax is important as it locks in conditioners and moisturizers so they can work their magic but also provides a protective barrier and helps you gently shape your beard and slick down flyaway hairs.

Don’t expect most beard balms to allow you to shape your beard into crazy shapes or swirls because they are balms and not sculpting waxes. The mission of a good beard balm is to act as a natural leave-in conditioner for your beard and skin.

One general tip on how to use beard balm is not to hesitate working your balm into both your beard and skin. Massage it real good, as many of the skin friendly oils included are designed to help keep the skin of your face moisturized and well conditioned.

Healthy skin means less itching and flaking below your beard, giving you a smooth, healthy base for an amazing beard!

In conclusion, our guide on how to use beard balm gives you an idea of all the basic things you need to know about beard balms, such as what they contain, what they actually do and how beneficial they are for your facial hair and skin.

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