What Is The Best Beard Comb?

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Keeping a well groomed beard takes a lot of work and effort, but having a perfectly groomed masculine beard not only makes many men feel more manly, but also makes them the envy of those who struggle to have a great looking beard.

While various beard products can provide you with a more manageable beard, choosing the best beard comb to keep that beard neat and tidy is essential for any well groomed beard.

What is the Difference Between a Beard Comb and a Regular Hair Comb

Hair combs are designed and made to comb the hair on your head which is much softer than beard hair. Hair combs are often made of plastic and when used on a beard, the teeth are likely to break.

In addition, hair comb teeth may not be spaced wide enough apart to make their way through those coarser beards.

Beard combs, on the other hand, come with various spacing between teeth so that you can choose the right teeth spacing for your beard.

Softer beards are normally groomed with beard combs that have the teeth fairly close together while coarser and curly beards need a comb with wider spacing between the teeth.

Finding the best beard comb to meet your needs is a matter of choosing the right comb for the coarseness and length of your beard. With that in mind, here is a look at some of the most popular beard combs available on today’s market.

Kent Handmade Beard and Moustache Comb (81T)

Kent Handmade Beard and Moustache Comb (81T)

The Kent 81T Beard and Moustache comb is a 73mm fine tooth beard and mustache comb designed for men with softer and shorter beards or mustaches.

This is a small comb measuring only about 3 inches in length, making it easy to carry in your pocket or your wallet for fast touch ups when you are on the go.

Although small, this comb is strong and durable and is handmade and hand finished so that it has smooth rounded teeth that won’t scratch your chin or tear out beard hairs.

Users like this product and state that is good for distributing beard oils and beard balms evenly throughout their beards. It is also ideal for mustaches due to its smaller size and quick beard touch ups.

EQLEF Green Sandalwood Handmade Pocket Comb

EQLEF Green Sandalwood Pocket Comb

The EQLEF green sandalwood pocket comb is a wooden 2 sided comb measuring about 3 1/2” X 2” and is made to fit in your pocket.

It is best suited for short or medium length beards and has a good finish. It features nice rounded teeth that won’t snag on your beard when combing.

This comb is designed to be small so that it easily fits into a pocket. It is also quite strong and durable.

Users give it very good ratings stating that it keeps your beard neat and tidy without snagging or pulling your beard hairs. They also feel that it distributes the beard oil and conditioner evenly throughout the beard.

The comb itself does have a sandalwood scent which some users find pleasant. Nevertheless,  I did come across couple of comments that the shape of the comb was a little awkward.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Handmade Beard Comb

Rocky Mountain Beard Comb Natural Organic Sandalwood

The Rocky Mountain beard comb is made from natural organic sandalwood with a nice hand finish and rounded teeth to keep the teeth from snagging on the beard.

The teeth are the same distance apart on both sides of the comb and are close together making it suitable for beards. Since this comb is made of wood, it reduces the amount of static in your beard.

Users say it is durable and extremely well constructed. The curve of the comb hugs the contours of your beard well, making it easy to comb the beard. It also distributes oils and balms evenly, leaving your beard looking well groomed and shining.

Users find it to be extremely nice looking and of exceptional quality. They also like its scent and the fact that it fits nicely into their pocket so that it is always available for those quick touch ups which will help you stay well groomed throughout the day.

Kent Men’s Handmade Comb Set (3 combs in set)

Kent's Handmade Comb Set ( 3 combs in set)

This Kent Handmade Comb Set is a set of 3 combs made specifically for beards and mustaches. These combs are handmade and hand finished with rounded teeth that won’t gouge your chin or snag on your beard.

This set includes the 81T which is a fine tooth mustache comb, the FOT- 113mm, a good tooth pocket comb, and the R7T, a 143mm fine and coarse tooth pocket comb great for medium to longer beards that are coarse.

Users think this comb set is extremely handy as it can handle different lengths and coarseness of beards. It will help keep your beard tidy and distribute oils and balms evenly throughout the beard.

These combs and especially the R7T, which has two differently spaced teeth areas, are great for grooming and finishing your beard, leaving it to look tidy and well groomed. The combs are also durable and high quality making them an excellent value.

Rugged Chuck Handmade Hair & Beard Comb

Rugged Chuck Beard Comb

The Rugged Chuck beard comb is a wooden beard comb designed to groom and shape beards and moustaches. It is handmade from solid wood, lightweight and sturdy.

It is made for good detailing, and wooden combs result in less static than traditional plastic combs.

Users really like it, stating that it actually massages the chin underneath their beard as well as distributes beard oils, conditioners and balms evenly throughout the beard, keeping it well groomed.

It is best for thicker beards helping to detangle and keeping them straight. It is quite sturdy but you should be careful not to drop it to avoid breaking.

One of the things that users find most enjoyable is that there seems to be no pulling of beard hairs when using it while they also mention that it feels good in the hand.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Hair & Beard Comb

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Wood Hair Combs

The Rocky Mountain Barber Company hair & beard comb is a wooden handmade comb that is warp resistant.

Made from closed grain wood, it is sturdy and designed for thicker beards. Its teeth are sturdy and rounded to help prevent scratching of the chin under the beard.

Users really like this product and give it top ratings. It helps to distribute beard oils and balms throughout the beard and it easily removes knots in the beard without pulling of the beard hairs.

They also feel that it actually massages the chin under the beard. Overall, people find this comb to be high quality and extremely durable.

When choosing the best beard comb for your beard, you want to make sure that you find the right comb for your length and type of beard, so one of the combs in this review may be suitable to meet your specific needs.

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