What is the best skin care routine for men

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Nowadays, men seem more concerned about the health and good appearance for their skin.

so it only makes sense for them to wonder what the best skin care routine for men should consist of.

So, let me explain the basic steps of a good skin care routine for men.


The basic step for a healthy looking and smooth skin is proper cleansing which should be done normally every morning and night. Cleansing is good for various reasons:

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It unclogs the pores of your skin, regulating your skin’s oiliness and keeping it at normal levels, thus preventing acne breakouts or other blemishes from appearing.

Especially if your skin type is oily or combination, effective cleansing with an appropriate for acne prone skin cleanser is more than necessary.

Cleansing with a suitable cleanser which is not loaded with chemical laden harsh ingredients that can dry out and even irritate your skin will give you that nice fresh feeling for the start of your day.

But be careful because a good quality cleanser shouldn’t strip off your skin’s natural oils and give you that feeling of tightness and squeaky cleanness but leave your skin soft and moisturized.

Good cleansing means that whatever other product you are going to use next, like your favorite moisturizer, is going to be more effective because it will absorb better into your skin since you will have removed all unnecessary dirtiness or oiliness which make your skin look less bright.

Cleansing removes the dead cells of your skin, thus revealing new cells and a more youthful and elastic skin. So, cleansing for men can actually delay skin aging and help their complexion look brighter, healthier, more youthful and nicer overall.


And now let’s move on to the second step of an effective men skin care routine which is moisturizing. Moisturizing is necessary for the following reasons:

It is simply the food for your skin. It provides the skin with all the nutrients that your skin needs to form new cells and protect the already existing ones from damage that can be caused due to Sun’s harmful effect, deteriorating weather conditions, bad quality skin care products and the natural process of aging.

Moisturizing will make your skin feeling softer and more revitalized, getting rid of that feeling of tightness or skin uneasiness. Finding the proper moisturizer for your skin type and needs will be the topic of another article of ours but let’s go on with what we are discussing right now.

When you apply a moisturizer onto your skin, take a small amount with your fingers and apply on your face or body while softly massaging it till it gets absorbed. There are different products that you can test to see which one your skin feels more comfortable with, like creams, lotions or serums.

There are moisturizers that have quality anti aging ingredients and are not packed with fillers or cheap synthetic ingredients which can dry out your complexion and even cause premature aging.

Yalmeh aloe vera face moisturizer

Natural and organic skin care products or other quality ones which have good reviews by actual users can give you an idea of what is best for your skin. So, using a good moisturizer can also deal with signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines and sagginess successfully and can prevent new ones from appearing.

Yalmeh Aloe Vera Facial moisturizer is one such product which is excellent reviewed by both men and women for its effectiveness and very good quality of ingredients. It is also followed by a 90 day full money back guarantee.

Using specialized skin care products

Men’s skin like women’s too is not always flawless. There are different skin issues, often problematic that a man will want to deal with because in a lot of cases they don’t look so attractive or they are not overall good for his skin’s health.

Scars, acne breakouts, puffy eyes, dark circles under eyes, sensitive skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, contact dermatitis and others are only some of the problems that a man can face.

Apart from asking for your specialist’s advice when you see that your condition tends to be getting serious, it’s good to know that the internet is full of alternative natural solutions as well as products to treat your condition but of course you have to be careful with what you try out since with this bulk of information, unreliable and not tested solutions will also be offered to you.

Boost your diet with antioxidants

You might have never thought about it but the golden rule for a healthy looking and resistant to aging skin lies in a good diet.

Processed foods which are full of fats and salt as well as very sugary products can cause inflammation, acne breakouts and be responsible for the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Toxins which are accumulated in your body through the consumption of poor in vitamins and loaded with preservatives foods can only do damage to your skin.

So, go for organic forms of foods, keep a balanced diet which doesn’t exclude whole groups of foods and be careful with the general quality of the foods your are consuming.

In conclusion, the best skin care routine for men is the one which looks at the specific needs and problems of your skin and tries to sort them out with good quality skin care products and some well informed  and reliable piece of advice.

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