Why Is Moisturizing So Important For The Skin?

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Moisturizing the skinWe have all heard that moisturizing is good for our skin but why is it really so important to have an adequately and properly moisturized skin?

Here, we will provide you with all the explanations you need of why and how significant moisturizing for the health and looks of your skin is.

In our mid 20´s, the skin is still smooth, elastic and soft. The cell renewal mechanisms work fine and that is reflected to the vibrant appearance of our complexion.

Nevertheless, after the mid 20´s and although we don´t realize it, the natural procedure of cell renewal and rejuvenation starts slowing down.

Dead skin cells gather at the surface of the skin and stay there longer. This results to the skin losing its shine and more than often appearing dull and fatigued. Now, there is still time to make it more resistant to aging and the number one tool for that is proper and adequate moisturizing as well as antioxidant protection.

Of course, with all the difficulties the skin has to deal with daily, nobody guarantees that just moisturizing your skin will be enough even if you have the best products available.

Over exposure to the sun, pollution, stress, lack of sleep and smoking are just only some of those threats that can seriously damage and deteriorate the way our skin looks and feels.

Wrinkles, fine lines, dehydration, baggy eyes are some of these changes that can appear sooner than what we normally expect if we don´t take the right measures to prevent them.

But what is really the role of moisturizing in protecting our skin from deterioration and aging?

In the beginning of our 30´s, one of the main reasons that the skin may have some premature signs of aging is the weakening of its protective barrier. What does that mean?

Under normal conditions when the skin cells´ membranes are healthy, the cells contain nearly 70% water. Starting from the base of the skin, skin cells start travelling towards the surface of the skin, becoming flat and ultimately dying.

During their journey to the skin’s surface, they release their content which is water and lipids. Although when they reach the surface, they are not alive, they still retain the lipids, cholesterol and ceramides to hold in water and keep themselves hydrated until they become completely useless.

To this, there is an important assistant which is the sebum. Sebum together with the lipids create a type of a shield that blocks the loss of water. Nevertheless, the daily exposure of our skin to deteriorating factors damages this protective shield.

This results to the reduction of the natural hydration reserves of the skin which can cause even a young healthy skin to lose its ability to cope with a big loss of water.

That’s why proper moisturizing is the number one solution to a bright, young and healthy looking skin. What is needed is to protect the balance in the hydration levels of the skin by preventing big losses of water. That we can do by replenishing hydration in the upper layers of the skin.

There are special ingredients for this purpose which are called humectants. They attract water from the environment and retain it around the epidermal cells to supply the skin with the necessary amounts of water when that is needed.

This helps the skin to feel rejuvenated while they also make it more resistant to daily threats.

Humectants can be found in facial serums or daily creams and lotions. Top in the list of humectants is hyaluronic acid while there are also other ones such as aloe vera, aha acids, seaweed and even honey.

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In conclusion, moisturizing is very important for our skin’s staying healthy and protected against all kinds of deteriorating factors including aging.

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