Woodsman Mustache Wax Review

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Woodsman Mustache wax is fairly new on the scene of men’s grooming products as the Bearded Bastard maker of this mustache wax founded his business in 2012.

While the company may be new, the person behind the company is certainly not new to the world of beards and mustaches as he grew up admiring his father’s facial hair and awaiting the time he could grow his own.

When he discovered that his beard and mustache were not quite similar to the soft beautiful facial hair of his father, he needed some products to control it and make it look good. So, he invented his own products: a beard oil and Woodman Mustache wax for his stache.
Woodsman Mustache wax

Woodsman Mustache wax is a medium firm mustache wax that comes in a tin with wooden sides that brings to mind hunting and fishing for game, tilling the land, chopping wood, and all those manly endeavors.

Features of Woodsman Mustache wax

  • Woodsy scent.
  • All natural ingredients.
  • Good hold.



Its ingredients include: Beeswax, Lanolin, Cocoa butter and Jojoba oil. It is scented with Texas Cedar wood, Sandalwood and Pine needle essential oils.


What Do The Customers Say

Reviews and ratings for Woodsman Mustache Wax are extremely good with most men really liking this product and finding that it:

Holds Well: Most users feel that this wax holds their stache well once it is styled.

It is a bit hard and needs to be warmed between the fingers before taking it out of the tin, but once worked into your stache, it keeps those stray hairs under control and your stache neatly shaped throughout the day.

Nice Scent: Most of the users like its masculine scent. Unlike many other mustache waxes that use artificial fragrances, the fragrance of this wax is all natural and truly woodsy.

The Tin: Many men like the look of the Woodsman Mustache wax tin, feeling that its wooden sides give it a handsome look that they enjoy.


Woodsman Mustache wax seems to be ideal for bringing out the manly persona of many men. I would strongly recommend you to try it out and I am certain you will love it.

You can also check other options available here, perhaps another type of mustache wax might be more suitable for you.

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